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When I was 17

Ever look back on pictures if yourself and low key wanna give yourself a slap? Yes, me too.
I thought this would be a funny post to write because it's basically me just ripping the shit out of myself.
I've seen a few Youtube videos where people do their makeup from when they were a teenager and it's quite interesting to see what we thought looked good back then, it's absolutely bizarre some of the things that was considered 'Stylish' a few years ago.

So, I'll set the scene a little for you.
So, for the whole of my life, I was really restricted to school uniform, the only time I would wear normal clothes was outside of school (and obviously I spent a lot of time in school.) There was that odd mufti day where I would go to school in my glad rags and think I was top gal.
So yes, tangent complete. When I got to 17, I was in Sixth Form and I could basically wear what I wanted (apart from the slightly sexist dress code, which I will get on to more about later on)…

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