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A Round Up of My Favourite Posts.

As you may know, blogging can be very frustrating at times. Sometimes It can boil down to timing and you may have written a brilliant post and not received the views you had wanted, so I thought it would be an interesting idea to every so often have a 'blog round up' on my page where I talk about posts I really enjoyed writing, perhaps why I wrote them and a little bit about them which might interest you more.

So here goes...

All Time Favourite Beauty Products   
In this post, I went through my favourite, ride or die beauty products.

For me, I feel as though this was where I really got into blogging and one of my first proper blog posts. I have always worn makeup but for me, anything would've done but here, I found that I was starting to build up favoutites and gain a better understanding in beauty. When I look at this, I feel nostalgic and excited for my past self for getting into the world of blogging pro…

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