Keeping healthy while living the student life.

I thought this would be a very interesting thing to write about and I hope you think so too. Since being at uni, I have lost weight, put it on and off and on again. The whole time I have been here I have never been consistent. It's difficult to keep up healthy eating in this lifestyle especially with the amount of alcohol some students consume. But recently, I have been trying to be healthier, I am thinking more about the way it makes you feel rather than how much I weigh and how I look, if that makes sense?
I have just finished my second year, but  I will be sticking around until July since I have a job here and my rent contract doesn't finish until then. My deadlines are over and I couldn't be happier, but the stress has made me eat a lot and now I feel a little icky so I am trying to get back into the healthier lifestyle, so hopefully this post will encourage me and maybe be of some help to others too.

Anyway, here are the things that I try to do to keep healthy.

I have spoken about this before and mentioned it in a few of my blog posts but that's just because it's really good. The best thing you can do for your body is stay hydrated. In our country, we are lucky enough to get unlimited, drinkable tap water. It's the cheapest and most effective thing to do for your health. Drink water and stay hydrated. Not only is water connected with weight loss and health, it also it helps you eat less because most of the time your body mistakes hunger with thirst. I have noticed since drinking more water is that I am more alert, less tired and when it comes to sleeping, I sleep a lot better.

I love green tea. This is something that everything thinks is disgusting, I used to think it was but after a while, I started to like it. Green tea is extremely good for you and having a few cups a day can benefit you in all kinds of way. It gives me energy, it's full of antioxidants and nutrients. Supposedly it can improve brain function and can make you smarter; now I don't know about you but at uni I could use all the help I can get with my coursework.

I walk everywhere. It's such a good way to get your exercise in and it's free. Forget about paying for the bus (or if you're like me and get the uni bus for free, a way to avoid the busy and cramped bus on a Monday morning),
My Healthy Breakfast, with a little treat.
Porridge, Bananas and Magic Stars. 

I know it's difficult to eat healthy while being at uni. It seems like it's expensive but if you plan your meals ahead, you will be able to find food that is good, cheap and can be put into a lot of meals. Frozen and tinned food is good because it keeps a lot longer than fresh food.

I won't lie, I am no stranger to a cheeky takeaway every once in a while, it's good to treat yourself.

When you're doing your food shop, try and avoid buying the things that are unhealthy. For me, I try to avoid buying crisps, this helps me from avoiding snacking in the evening. If you don't have it, you can't eat it. If you want to have snacks, buy something healthier. Simple and will save you some money when you do your food shop.

Take the stairs. I am sure a lot of you are faced with stairs at your university. At uni we have signs at the lifts that tell you to take the stairs; it's healthier. These signs get to me every time. So I end up climbing the stairs and entering my lecture red faced; it's not a pretty look but at the end of the day it's free exercise and once you've done it, you feel very good about yourself.

WORKOUT for free..
I am a firm believer that exercise is free and I do not have the budget to pay a membership for the gym. So, I try to work out by playing sport, walking and doing some small workouts in my room. My uni room is quite small so I am limited but I have still found certain work outs that work for me. I like to mix it up. One thing I would suggest is Pinterest. If you type in the search bar 'Workouts' there are so many for different parts of the body; strength and cardio. It's such a useful and free resource that you're missing out on. So go and check it out. Here is a link to my work out board on Pinterest:
But like I said there's so much more and it's so easy to find yourself.

So, they're my simple ways of keeping healthy. They really are small changes you can make to your life, and sometimes these tips can save you some money too. I think it's important to stay at healthy at uni because it can really help you produce the best work you can.


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