What's in my Bag?

Well, that's a good question. And right here, right now you can find out what I carry around in my beautiful bag.
Now, the first thing you will always want to know in one of these posts is the bag. The bag in question is a new addition to my collection which I am very happy with. It's the Tokyo from Boutique of Molly. Isn't it gorgeous.

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(So exciting that I have a discount code eek!)

I love this bag, it's so classic and classy for that matter. It goes with everything, a day or night outfit. The chain strap is gorgeous and you can also switch it between a shoulder bag or a cross body; I mean who doesn't love options?
The thing I love the most is under the flat it's a zip, which puts my paranoid mind to rest. On the back there is also a zip pocket which is perfect for my phone. The size is perfect and fits everything I need to carry around, plus if I need to, I can slip my Ipad into it, which is very useful.

So now, what is in it?

Well, let's be organised with this post a categorise. I mean who doesn't love a bit of organisation.

So I will start with my essentials.
In my bag, of course I carry around my purse, keys and phone; the boring part is over.

In terms of beauty, I wouldn't say I carry around a lot. The products in my bag is what tends to build up over time. So my bag mostly consists of lip products.

Wilkos Face Sun-cream- This is a must for me. I am always finding myself getting attacked by the sun with no protection. The problem for me is that I am very fair skin and ginger; the sun adores me and loves to burn me. Even if it's not even that hot, I get burnt. So to avoid this in the future, I always carry sun cream; even in the winter.

NO7 Lipstick: I like to carry this lipstick around because its' the only one I don't feel stupid in. It was colour matched to my face which means its supposedly the perfect shade for me. I don't know if that is really the case but since a professional has told me that. I have found that I feel a lot more comfortable in it.

N07 Chubby Stick.

Roller Ball Perfume: I like to smell good and I feel like whatever perfume I wear; no matter how much I paid for it, it always comes off.

Compact Mirror: Didn't Coco Chanel say that every woman must have one? I know that the front camera on my phone works just fine but something about that quote made me want to carry one around; it is very lady like. Although, I think Coco Chanel had something more grown up in mind and not my mermaid shell, purple, compact mirror.

Shopping Bag (in the shape of a strawberry): I always carry a shopping bag it saves you from paying for one when you're shopping and its good for the environment too. Win, win.

Umbrella: an essential in Britain.

Sunglasses: Something I carry around and very rarely need but when the sun finally decides to show its face, I am ready with my sunnies.

 Light Bulb: Just one of the random things that I carry around. You might think I am crazy but it's in there because I needed a new light bulb and wanted to get the right one. My brother saw it in my bag once and told me how much I am like my Mum, it's just something I have picked up.

And finally a bag isn't just your handbag, it's also the place where you shove things when you don't know where else to put them, receipts, leaflets etc.

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I loved reading this post and loving the bag ❤️ X

  2. Aw thanks, glad you enjoyed it x

  3. Gorgeous bag! 😍 I'm on the hunt for an everyday work bag as I've worn out mine so will definitely check out their website. I did a "what's in my bag?" post a couple of years ago and I think it's time I revisted it, I care different things with me now. Heres the post if you're interested :-)

    1. Thanks for reading, I will definitely check your post out, I'm so nosy, haha.


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