How to: Get Rid of Writers Block.

Recently I have just suffered from a huge rush of writers block. It was awful, it was awful. My brain was completely blank. Blogging for me is a hobby so if I block in blogging I just give myself a break. But I also study Creative and Professional Writing at university and when I get writers block, I cannot just take a break from my deadlines. Writing is basically my whole my life so it is essential for me to know how to deal with writers block. However, I do understand that people will deal with it differently so these are only tips and I hope it helps because I know how much a pain writer's block can be.

So like I said, my writers block was bad. To the point where I was forcing pieces out of me and hating it. At uni we work shop each others work which is a huge and important part of our process but I couldn't do it. I was too embarrassed to show the work I had produced. It was terrible but finally (thank the lord) I got myself out of it.

So here are my tips to get out the dreaded writers block:

Before I go on with my tips, I just wanted to add. Perhaps think about a why you're blocked, if they're is a reason, maybe try and tackle that problem head on. Also, consider if what you're writing is causing a block. A forced piece of writing is never going to be good. Just keep that in mind.

Poetry: I didn't even realise this was a way of helping yourself. I do a poetry module at uni and realised that working on poems did help with the block. Last semester I found that writing a poem first and then using lines of the poem in your writing is a good way to get your creative flow back in action. Although, in terms of blogging and writing non fiction, I have found that poetry is a way of exercising your brain and is a kind of relax to your creativity. I know that this may not work for everyone and some people may hate this idea but I'd try it if you can. Remember, no one needs to see these poems; they can be for just your eyes only.

I personally don't think this helps. But I have heard some people saying it. Forgetting your own work and letting yourself get lost in a book can help some people. It takes you away from the stress for a while and sometimes it can inspire you. So perhaps give this one a go, it could help you but personally I haven't felt like it helped me with my writers block, it only helped to forget about it for a short while.

Take a Break:
Sometimes you get blocked because you are forcing something, and there is nothing worse than that. It makes you hate what you're writing and hate writing. Writing is something that you should enjoy, otherwise why would you do it? You've got to have some sort of passion to produce good work. Sometimes all you need is some time away from it. Just put down the pen, the keyboard or whatever you're writing with and leave it. Watch a movie, take yourself out, go for food. Anything that keeps your mind off it until you feel like you want to pick up that pen again; and trust me, that time will come. I would like to add, Food helps me a lot.

This is a little weird. Sometimes the reason why I am blocked is because my brain is holding in too much stress or emotion that I have bottled up. One thing I would suggest is write about it, write for yourself and no one else. Give yourself a little therapy session and be honest with yourself. Crying really helps me empty everything I have been holding in, no matter how small the problem is. And remember, no one needs to know that you cried about it. You may be thinking that it's a stupid idea but sometimes you're blocked because you have too much on your mind or you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Just breath, let out all your emotion and you will feel fresh to start again.

Blast out Music and Dance:
When I feel like I am going to wack my head off the desk; that I have no ideas or anything. I stop. I stop myself from stressing out and having a breakdown. I put some music on and dance. This is weird and please don't imagine me doing that but really, it's such a good way to let go and feel good about yourself. I am pretty sure that this is a way of releasing endorphins which makes you happy.

Do something else:
The last thing you should do with writing is force it. So don't. Do something you like that is unrelated. For example I really enjoy making stop motion videos, they're really fun and help me keep my mind off things. If I give myself an hour or two to do something I really love, it let's me come back to writing with a fresh mind and with a feeling of satisfaction that I have just completed a really cool video.

Blast out Music and Sing while you're writing.
This is a similar to my last point. I just wanted to add a little personal tip that I do. When I am finding it hard to focus, I put on headphones, put the music on loud and write. Having the music loud in my ears makes it feel like it's just me and my laptop and I get a lot done. Sometimes I will sing along and it puts me in a good and productive mood. Remember, put all your music on shuffle, don't pick your songs, there's nothing like the feeling when an old song comes on, which you weren't expecting and it takes you back.

So, I hope at least one person finds this helpful, or perhaps you're reading this and thinking that I have forgotten something, please do let me know if I have. As someone who studies writing, I find myself blocked a lot and any help is appreciated.

But yes, I hope you enjoyed this post.


  1. Your blog post came in time and helped me a lot :) Thank you so much and I wish you a lot of inspiration to overcome any kind of block <3

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

    1. Ahh thanks. That’s so kind and I’m glad it helped xx


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