Happy Earth Day!!!

Happy Earth Day, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write this post. For a while now I have been thinking of the small things I can do for the planet. I know by myself that it won't make a difference but if everybody did them then there would be a huge change.
Now, obviously I would love to help more and that is something I am interested in looking into but for now I will just be writing about the small, everyday things that an help.

How Gorgeous!
First, when you come out the shower, forget the hair dryer. Especially now that it's summer, you don't really need it. When you get out the shower, gently towel dry part of it and then leave the rest to dry naturally. This might not seem like a lot but think about it, if you dry your hair everyday, or every other day thats 365 or 180ish days. That already seems like a lot and if you think how many people are in this country, not even counting the world. It's going to make heaps of difference. I used to dry my hair with the hair dryer, I found that it is quicker and sometimes in the winter it is necessary and I understand that, I am not saying cut out completely just when you can. Not only does it help the planet, but it's a lot better for you too. Allowing your hair to dry naturally means less heat damage to your hair, I have noticed a lot less frizz in my hair from cutting down with the hair dryer, and finally if you're thinking about those bills, it's going to help that electricity bill. So really, like most of these tips I am going to write about; it's a win, win.

Water bottles. Recently I have written a post about how important drinking water is. I stick by that 100%. If you're interested in that post I can link it below:


Anyway, drinking water is very important to us as humans since we are made mostly out of water. But, that doesn't mean we have to damage the environment even more...
Buying yourself a reusable plastic bottle is not hard or expensive and can really make a difference.
Every time you go to the shop and buy a bottle of water, you are adding more waste to this Earth. I know that even if you stop, they will still continue to produce these products but if enough people make the difference, they will make less and less. Of course, if you need water buy one but try and save it and keep it to use again.
I have two bottles that I use on rotation, it means for me that I always have cold water in the fridge and allows me to track how much I am drinking and lets' me know if I am having enough.
I take these bottles to most places with me, and when I need more water I can fill it up myself. This saves me a lot of money. If you think you spend on average £1.50 on a bottle of water, buying that every week is just over £10. How do you feel that each year you could be spending over £500 on something that you can get for free? This benefits you too.

Recycle. SIMPLE.

Turn off your electricity. I am really bad at this, I always keep my lights on because my bills are included in my little uni room which is good for me, but it's a bad habit to have. When I am out, I leave my light on so I don't have to come back to dark, when really it's as simple as turning the switch on next to my door when I get in. That's what I am working on right now. Although I don't have to pay the bills now, one day I will and that's an expensive habit to have. Plus, it's selfish too.

Plastic Bags.
Say no to a bag when they ask. Get your own. Before I came to uni, I never had a reusable bag. I thought they were annoying to carry around and I looked nerdy having one. Boy was I wrong, so wrong. You can get these bags in such cute patterns and in different sizes. I have a few now, some that I always have with me and others specific for certain things; like a food shop. They come in so handy and my stupid teenage self was wrong about them looking nerdy. No one cares.
It prevents you from having a build up of random bags everywhere. My flatmates keep the bags on the top of the fridge and now it's just got out of control, it's so annoying they always fall on me. But, at least I don't have that in my room, it's plastic bag clutter free.
Plus, 5p doesn't sound like a lot but like I have said before and I will say again, it builds up.

I know these are small but they're a start to making a difference. We can't be the generation that destroys our beautiful world.
I would love to hear anyone else's suggestions.

Happy Earth Day!!


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