Eye Brow Tinting for Dummies

I have very fair skin and very blonde eyebrows naturally. I wanted to actually wanted to have visible eyebrows so I would go to the beautician and get my eyebrows done monthly. The up keep was expensive. I have a friend who is a beautician who told me that I should just do it myself; it's easy enough. So I learnt...

It is so worth it with the amount of money you save. The tinting kit I paid for was around £12 (which is double the amount normally as I wanted the tinting tools to come with it, that is something I will only have to buy once). I believe I paid around at least £14 pound when going to the beauticians and that was done around every six weeks. I bought my Kit right at the end of last year, right before new years and the product is no where near empty. I definitely have at least a few months left with it.
Strictly Professional Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint. 
It's time saving. When I notice that it's time for my eyebrows to be done, I will go to my desk and do it. If I had to go to the beauticians I would have to call (or wait for them to be open and call) and find a time where both me and the beautician are available for an appointment. Which could be up to two weeks where my eyebrows are not living up to their full potential.  

My Tips:
Firstly, before you go and buy one of the kits that can be found in the beauticians (that are better value in the end) I would suggest using the Eylure Brow tint first. It's like a gateway tint. It's not as strong and has less chance of going wrong. It will give you the technique you need before moving on to one of the stronger tints. 
It's trial and error. You have to work out how long YOU personally need on your brows. For me I leave the tint on for six minutes and that's perfect. However, it will differ especially since my eyebrows are very fair. You're better off putting on tint for a little time and take it off and then putting more on, even though it's a waste, in the long run it will be much better. You can always make them darker after but there is no going back if you want them to be lighter. 

How I tint my brows: 
Before anything, you want to make sure that your skin isn't allergic to the product. So place a little bit of the tint behind you ear and let it dry. If it doesn't irritate you, you're good to go! 
You want to prepare your surroundings, it's the best way to make the least amount of mess.
I wet two cotton pads with water and get out a makeup wipe, then I put down a flannel to put everything on top of. 
Make sure that you don't have anything on your eyebrows either, you should wipe them before just to make sure. 

Step 1: 
Mix the tint with the developer. It's normally five drops of the developer to two cm of the tint. Obviously this differs to the brand of tint though. Make sure you read the instructions. 

Step 2: 
With a brush (which I got with the kit I bought but I guess you could use any brush similar or perhaps a Q tip) put the product all through your eyebrows and set a timer. 

Step 3: 
Don't touch your brows.

Step 4: 
I put the tint on for around 6 minutes, like I said it's trial and error for how long you have the tint on for.  
With the cotton buds wipe off the tint, fold over the cotton pad and wipe over the brows to make sure all the product is off, I do this again with a makeup wipe to be extra sure. Then when I know that this is the colour I want my brows to be and am happy, with the makeup wipe, I clean the brush and wipe out the little pot I had the tint in. 

P.s, My none existent brows, I was 13 here...


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