My First Experience with Shein

So, I finally gave in and decided to give Shein a try. I had been scrolling through the website for a few months now and had found a few things that I really wanted. Two weeks ago, I received the magic email offering me free delivery and thought this is the time to try it.

The App.
The Dress in Question...
The app on Shein is easy to use. I thought that it was very easily set out and didn't have any problems with using it. One thing that I did like was that when you clicked on a product you could see social media responses to that item which was encouraging for me as I have heard that the products on the website are very hit and miss.

I was told it would be 3-5 working days, although I then later received an email saying that due to a high demand the parcel would take a little longer. The parcel wasn't urgent, I didn't mind waiting and I also did appreciate the email, I thought it was good they let me know rather than leaving me there wondering. The parcel took just under two weeks and that is including the weekends which aren't counted as working days if that makes sense. So overall I wasn't disappointed by this service.

The Clothes.
I was pleased by the majority of the order. It seemed a nice quality and more than good value for it's money. One of my favourites was a red play-suit which I bought for lounging around and something I can wear around the house during the summer, but I am also enjoying wearing it to bed. It was around £8 and honestly I wouldn't have minded paying more for it. It's comfy and good quality.
My Favourite Item I received.
One of the sweat shirts I ordered and was more excited about came, it was a little thin and the material wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I kept it as although it was thin I still liked it and knew it would still get a lot of wear.

One item that I was disappointed with and sent back was a black dress. I ordered a medium and I couldn't even pull the dress up me. When I finally got it in place, I couldn't even move the zip and it just fitted very unflattering. I feel like even if I sized up it wouldn't have looked nice and the material was a weird cloth type which I didn't like. The colour was a little off too. However, it was the only item I had a problem with and returned.

To get a return you have to go through an online process, which isn't particularly hard, but it's a little annoying since most companies just send a return label with the parcel. Anyway, I was able to get the label and send it off and I had no problems at the post office. It was less than a week ago since I sent it off so the fact I haven't received an email or anything hasn't worried me. But they do take off money for the return which is a little annoying too. If I have any problems with return, I will update this post.

But yes, that is my experience. I think you get what you pay for but sometimes can be pleasantly surprised. I wouldn't say don't shop there because you can get some great stuff like I did. Give it a go. I am still wondering whether I should make another order or not...


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