My Favourite Book Series of all Time, Part Two.

Part Two...
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The Hunger Games
The films are good, but the books are even better. There is so much background and context to the stories which makes you more attached to the story. Following Katniss' journey from a girl from a poor district to the face of rebellion was exciting, thrilling and emotional. So have a read and you will not be disappointed. Even if you have seen the films and know what's going to happen just give it a read too. I always think it's never too late to read the book version even if you have already seen the film. It's amazing to read the story before the screen writers rip apart the story.

Harry Potter
I know I don't need to sit here and write about Harry Potter. I mean it speaks for itself but I couldn't not add it to the list could I? I am actually thinking about re purchasing the series and reading them again over the summer when I have a lot more time. I feel like reading them as an adult will be a different experience to reading as a child.

Shopaholic Series
Rebecca Bloom-wood is spectacular. She is one of those characters you fall in love with, regardless of any flaw she has. Again, like I have said before, don't get discouraged by the movie; that was terrible.
We follow Rebecca from her life as a young women struggling with Debt to her meeting the love of her life, to marriage, finding a long lost sister to finally having a baby. I got attached to these books and finished the series during my year 11 Easter holidays when I should've been revising for my GCSE's. Since then two more books have been written where Becky takes on LA.
Check them out if you're looking for a little get away in your mind. It's easy and the perfect guilty pleasure.

I Heart Series
I feel like I have expressed my love for this series a many of times on this blog. I am in love with Angela Clarke's story. Finally we have come to an end but I find myself re reading the series over and over. They're so easy, I love winding down with one of these books. I wrote a whole lot on this if you're interested:

If you're looking for a top guilty pleasure,

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
I love this series and even though they changed the film a lot, I loved the film too. Read these books, out of all of the books I recommend in these posts, this series is the one I would recommend the most. Ransom Briggs (The Author) has created this world that is so complex, it's almost impossible not to get lost in it.

The books offer some sensitive topics that can be related closely to parts of history and it's really interesting to see an alternative narrative behind real life events.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope to add more to this list when I find some more smashing series.


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