My Favourite Book Series of All Time Part 1

I feel like I always over write in my introductions, so without trying to sound blunt, here are my all time favourite book series.

Beautiful Creatures

It took me a while to read this series, I lost my way through it but when I decided to pick the books back up again, I loved them. I think with these books you've got to ignore the film all together. The film was terrible and is one of the reasons why I struggled with the first book, if you take a step back and read without the film in mind you will love it.

Give this series a good go. Plus it's cheaper to buy the whole series at once.

The Mortal Instruments
Cassandra Clare has created this incredible world that I fully encourage you to get lost in. It's amazing. I was obsessed. Perhaps you think no, Teen Fiction but I promise you it's not your basic Teen novel. Get in there and you will love it.

Mortal Instruments follows the world of Shadow Hunters where they tackle issues with the downworlders and fight demons. The book is set in modern day New York. We are opened up to amazing stories, characters and even more. Clare created new weapons, powers and runes. It will blow your mind.

The book is full of romance and action and excitement. You've got to give it a go and I know you will not be disappointed.

On that Note...

The Clock Work Series
A series connected with the Mortal Instruments. However, the Shadow Hunter world is told from Victorian England.
We get to see a whole different world, and the history in the book is so interesting. The work Clare put into these books is insane. All the character's are connected through all the series, through family trees and characters who are immortal. There is another series which unfortunately didn't make the list but I will mention it now if you're interested. Lady Midnight which is set in modern day LA. You will see all the characters you love in all the series.
Although, I would recommend you read the Mortal Instruments first.

Do NOT get discouraged from this series by the films. The books are incredible and deserve some recognition. The first film in my opinion wasn't bad but the second one really crashed and burnt and also missed out a huge and important twist at the end. So forget the films and read the books, I have never heard a bad word about them. You will not be disappointed.

It's such a good series, You really go through it with Tris. And also you get more in the books than the film, you get a better understanding of the history behind why they are living behind the walls, what's out there and what the factions are. It's extremely interesting and you'll get sucked in.

So this is part one. I thought if I'd put all the books in one post then it would be a really long piece and I don't want to be uploading essays for you, just some nice and light reading.
Plus I feel like I am getting my blogging mojo back so look out for some more exciting posts and get ready for part two.

Also, if you're interested in these books and wanted to read more about them then here is the link to all my book posts and some of these series are one there and more. If you're looking for some recommendations then  check it out:

I hope you all enjoyed reading and got some ideas for what you should read next!


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