Essentials for a Uni Bag

Today was my first day back at uni after the Christmas holiday. Yes I know, it's very late to start but it meant I got a very long Christmas break.
My Uni Bag, Asos. 
Anyway, for a month I have not used my uni bag and I had to empty it then fill it again.
I found some random things, and some things that I would consider essential and I thought that I could share the contents of the bag with you.
Lets go.

Something to write in.
So first year I had three separate books for each module but this was a problem since I had so many books and would sometimes bring the wrong one in. So, this year I decided to get a project book instead which it the best thing for me. It means only one book so I always have all my notes.

Mini Staple.
The reason I say 'mini' is because I don't know why but I would feel weird carrying around a full side stapler. This is great for any handouts that I can stick in the book and it will be with all the right notes. It keeps everything together, in order and stops me from losing things.

Plastic Wallet.
A must, trust me. For random pieces of paper or things you need to hand in. Lecturers hate it when you give them crumpled pieces of paper, it looks like you don't care. Anyway, it's handy to just have one there and they literally cost nothing.

I try and not spend any money while I am there, I get hungry really easily and end up being greedy. You would think not taking your purse would be a really good idea but i couldn't think of anything worse than not having money when I am really thirsty or hungry. Sometimes you just need some sugar to push through the rest of your lecture.

Water Bottle
So important. It means you get unlimited free water. Having a water bottle saves you a lot of money because it means that you don't have to keep buying drinks. You just fill up your bottle from the water fountain.

Lip Balm.
This is just a must for me in general. I can't stand having dry or sore lips.

Again a money saver. It is so much cheaper to buy your snacks in bulk or make a sandwich at home. In my late lectures, I make myself dinner to take in, pesto pasta is a good one to take.


Hand Sanitiser.
Because my Mum always buys me it and if I don't keep it in my bag I will never use it.

So there is my essentials and what I take to university, I hope that this helped anyone or spiked anyone's interest. I do love to have a nosey into other people's bags.


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