After You, Jojo Moyes.

I have been so busy recently and I haven't had the chance to read much but I have just finished 'After You' and I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the book.

After You is the sequel to 'Me Before You'. If you read that book and loved it then this book is definitely for you. The last book left us all wondering what would happen to Louisa and now all my questions have been answered.

After losing Will, Louisa is stumbling through life trying to make Will proud with the opportunities he gave her before he died. In the beginning she is travelling through Europe but then ends up coming back to London and working in a tacky airport bar. Her life is surviving and not living. She has a job that she hates, a boss who she can't stand and an empty flat she goes home to alone every night. The only thing keeping her going is a 'moving on circle' weekly meeting which the story is based around. We get to meet some interesting characters who like Louisa are dealing with grief too.

After another dull day at work, Louisa has a life changing accident when she falls off the roof of her flat. We see her through her recovery and the sad idea that during her injuries she finally realises how life was like for Will. Luckily she has a successful recovery. After that everything begins to change when an unexpected arrival knocks on her door. Will's unknown daughter Lily; who is a troubled teenager in desperate need of help. Louisa is the only one who can help and is forced out of her comfort zone when Lily lands in her life.

The book shows Louisa's journey through her grief and her moving on in her life. We get to see her growth as a person, but also the growth of old and new relationships especially with the gorgeous paramedic who saved her life when she fell off her roof.  Not only that, we see another side of Louisa, Moyes adds more depth to her character and allows to see more of her flaws and personality. Which for me, personally allowed me to make a stronger connection with her. I feel like I went through all her dilemmas with her through out the book.

I really enjoyed reading and finally feel like we got an end to her story. The end of 'Me Before You' left us on the edge of our seat with just a snippet of Louisa's future which for me wasn't enough, now I feel fully satisfied of Louisa's happily ever after.

So, in conclusion. I enjoyed this book a lot and think everyone should read it. It's such a pleasant read and leaves you feeling warm inside.
Hope you enjoyed my short and sweet book review. I didn't want to give too much away...


  1. Interesting book! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)

  2. Thank you so much. And yes of course :) x


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