The Magic of Coconut Oil

Recently I have noticed the benefits of coconut oil and how much you can use it, sometimes on things that you wouldn't even consider using it on. So I am here to enlighten you on the brilliant uses for coconut oil.

I use it in my hair, when I feel like I want a little treatment I will put it through my hair in the night, sleep with it on and then wash my hair in the morning. Not only does it leave your hair looking and feeling healthy, it will smell amazing too. Plus, it makes your bed smell of the coconut goodness too.

Coconut oil is great for your skin. I would never used it as a moisteriser, I would always wash it off otherwise my skin will be really oily. However I know some people do. I always like to take in on holiday as it is very good for peeling skin. One of my friends was peeling on his nose and once we applied coconut oil, the next day his skin was back to normal.

It is a great alternative for oil when cooking. I know a lot of people who use it instead and it's a great replacement if you're looking for a healthier option. Personally this is something I don't think I would try (never say never though) as I really hate the taste of coconut.

I have put coconut oil on my eyelashes after my eyelash extensions were taken out. They were feeling short and thin. I applied coconut oil to a cotton pad and rubbed it over closed eyes and went to bed. The results weren't over night but I definitely noticed a difference after a few weeks.

You can use it for shaving, it offers a nice hydration to your skin which stops dry skin after shaving and you could even use it after as a balm for your skin. It would leave you feeling soft, shiny and smelling good.

It is said to offer goodness and healing factors to some sicknesses. From skin infections to cold and flu. It is worth trying, it's a natural product so it will not hurt you (unless you are allergic), apply to cracked heels, add it to your tea to help a sore throat or even reduce itchiness on mosquito bites. It has also been said that ingesting coconut oil once a day will improve mental alertness.

Basically, when it doubt. Coconut Oil!
It's really worth a try with the product, it has so many benefits and offers a lot of solutions to many problems. Why have a shelf full of products and spend all that money when you could just pop down to your local superdrug and buy a pot of coconut oil with a your pennies.

*I am not suggesting you cook or eat that product, perhaps buy some that is labelled 'edible'.

After all those benefits, it's not even that expensive to buy. I buy a pot of solid coconut oil from superdrug and it lasts me so long and I believe I paid under £3 for it, so even if you're not sure about it, it's not going to break the bank.


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