Organisational Tips for Students by Isabella Defrancesco

Hi everyone, so for me today is a very exciting blog post. This is my first ever guest post. I have been speaking with Isabella for a few weeks now and discussing things that we can write for each other. She is very nice by the way. Isabella has a blog too and I have written something for her as well. Since she is an American Student and I am an English one, we thought that we could write about the same thing and see how it differs. It is so nice being able to support other bloggers in this way.

Anyway Isabella writes blog posts on a range of different things and you should definitely go and check it out. The blog is called 'Between you and Me' and you can go and see it here:

So, without further ado here is Isabella. Enjoy.

Hey y'all,

My name is Isabella DeFrancesco and I'm from Boston, Massachusetts. Most of you may know the city and some of you may not but that's okay. I'm a sophomore at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I study hotel & lodging. The classes I take range from management, accounting, hospitality, and marketing classes. My major takes a lot of different classes but I like that because I can learn a variety of things from each major which is so fun! Oh another important thing about my school is that we are a tri semester school which means we have three semesters. We don't have school on Fridays and a few of our breaks are shorter. That's probably a lot different from you guys not a lot of schools do that. I enjoy having classes four days a weeks rather than Five.

Now to the fun part having only four classes a week means we have more time to do homework. I'll be honest I procrastinate like everyone else does but I'm not too bad. I get my work done always on time. I try to stay organized the best way I can! I’m weird if I’m not organized with my school work, room, and clothes I can’t relax. I’m gonna give you all somethings I do to stay organized

  1. A planner! I cannot stress this one enough! A planner in school whether you’re in high school or college, I think every student should have one. They are so helpful and useful! They can help you track your homework, tests, exams, and so much more! I use my to track my homework, exams, tests, and even my blog.
  2. Google Drive! Google drive is so handy because you can keep your notes, papers, and projects all in one drive. And you can see those things from any device! What I do is highlight and bold both chapter headings and vocab words. And I bullet point my notes as well.
  3. A homework folder! Okay yes I know that this one could be a little old school but hey it is very useful. Where else is a better spot to keep your papers than a folder, it is sure way better than stuffing them in your backpack or a notebook folder. My folder has like 8 pockets which is more than enough for my classes. I have labeled each folder for each of my classes.
  4. Macbook air! I have a Macbook air and I love it so much because it’s so useful for school and my everyday life. I use my laptop for everything I use it to type up papers, research for school, Pinterest, and most importantly my blog. I recommend getting a Macbook Air because they never break, their easy to use, and great quality laptops!

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