My Driving Test Experience

I passed my driving test back in 2015, it was a while ago but still something I think about today. Back then I really struggled and when things started to go wrong, I began to feel down and alone, I wish that I had a platform like this to read and let myself know that I wasn't alone and that other people struggle with to.
17 years old, the day I passed.
It may seem silly to say that it impacted me a lot, but spending all that money and hard work and time on something to fail is actually awful. So anyway, since my experience wasn't simple so I thought I would share it with you.

I turned 17 at the beginning of October. Which is really good since I basically did the whole driving thing before all my friends. If I was learning to drive at the same time as them I feel that it would've been worse going through failures, if everyone else around me was passing.
I began driving at the beginning of October, I believe my first lesson was the 3rd.
Cars for me has always been something I haven't had any knowledge in. For the first 17 years of my life, I thought Vauxhall and Corsa were two different brands, I thought that the clutch was another word for the hand break and I had no idea what the 'third' pedal was for. So you can imagine how learning to drive for me was.

Surprisingly I picked it up pretty quickly. Being left handed, there was a little more struggle but i got there in the end. Each week I was having two, two hour driving lessons in the evening and was starting to pick up driving quite well. At this point I was spending around £100 a week on driving, most weeks.

In December (8th I think), came my theory test. It went well, I passed first time and I was chuffed. I had worked really hard on it and was well prepared, I was really pleased that my work had paid off and I had finally got it over and done with. I could focus fully on driving now.

I carried on with my lessons, had my test booked for the end of January.

That morning, no joke I put on red lipstick (warrior paint, I said) and went to my driving test. I was so nervous but so ready, at this point I knew that I was a good driver, I was ready and I could pass the test. I sat in the waiting room, went for about three wee's and waited some more. Finally the examiners came out. We all waited for our names to be called, dreading that moment that the infamous 'Bitchy Beth' would call our name. Luckily for everyone else, it was me.

I had heard a lot about this woman. None of it good. She was the sort of person who liked to make trouble for you and make you feel as uncomfortable as possible. The test began, it was going fine. It was incredibly awkward and Beth was being a Bitch. Side comments and sighs but I knew I was doing fine, I just ignored her.

We got to this huge roundabout (so huge we call it the longabout), anyway, Beth tells me to go straight ahead, usually the second exit, so I do. I go past the first exit then but my indicator on, as i go towards the exit she flicks my indicator, shouts "wrong way" and directs my steering wheel away. This scares me and I jump. Imagine being a new driver and someone doing that, it scared me and could have been dangerous.

I look at her in shock and she smiles at me, the most evil smile ever. I knew I had failed but the test wasn't over. She takes me to another roundabout, road a head again so I drive, past the first exit nearly when she pulls on my steering wheel and pulls us into the 1st exit. She pulled on the steering wheel! HOW DANGEROUS!!

Well, yes. First test failed. Just to let you know that it was rumoured that Beth has several complaints a day and eventually got fired. When it came to my second test she was gone!

I carried on with my lessons. After my experience with my first test,  I became a nervous driver. Scared. It was weird, suddenly I was no longer confident.

I sat my second test, of course I was nervous and my driving skill had taken a massive hit. The instructor was nice and really tried to make me feel comfortable.
I failed with four minors in one section. The reason for failing....

The third test was a mistake. We accidently booked it on bin day and in the morning. It was a disaster. In panic I had pulled out too late on a junction (one major) and then over took the bin truck without giving the car with priority the choice to let me through (which they did otherwise they wouldn't have stopped for me!!) anyway, second major. Failed.

After this, it was a downward spiral. It was horrible, I was so upset that I just couldn't seem to do it. I took time off from driving. About a month where I had no lessons, I focused on my part time job and school work and tried to forget about driving. It was a nice break and it was making me feel better.
I knew I couldn't give up, I had spent so much money. So I book a test. I let my instructor know and she lets me know that she is free.

I don't tell anyone. Only my Mum knows.

The day of the test she picks me up. We have an hour lesson before, the first time I had driven in a month.
I get to the test centre and my driving instructor actually thought I was going to walk out, I thought I did but if i did and my Dad (who didn't know I was taking the test), found out I would be dead.
I am so over it, I was to the point where I didn't care anymore. I just drove.
One near fail later we arrive back at the test centre, he tells me I've passed and I am not going to lie, I cried in front of him.

17th March 2015. Saint Patrick's Day.

I got home, absolutely beaming. I felt relief, happiness, everything. It was finally done.
I proudly called everyone and told them that finally it had happened. My Dad was ecstatic for me but a little annoyed with my Mum for keeping the secret but it really took the pressure off, no one knowing.

It was really an emotional and stressful journey, I don't think I would change any of it though. If I had passed first time, i wouldn't be as much of a careful driver I am today. Sometimes failing is good as it takes away your cockiness which can potentially be very dangerous.

So if you are currently in the same boat I was. Remember failing isn't the end of the world. I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason. And sometimes a break is good. The day of my test was also the first time I had driven in over four weeks. Sometimes that's what you need.


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