I Wanna Travel!

Recently I have had a lot of time off. Uni gives me freedom but also doesn't. I get a huge portion of the year to myself where I don't need to be at uni but obviously being a student I don't have a desirable bank account. So until I am at at position where I can actually travel and go to the places I want to, I shall prepare myself so when I am ready I will not be stuck...
Here is my list.

Paris Trip 2016
I have actually been to Paris. It was fab and I loved it, however I only really got one full day there. I didn't get to do all the things I wanted or really indulge myself into the French Culture. I want to try the food and feel the night life but I didn't really get to do any of that. I feel like when you visit somewhere you have to try the delicacies, I want to try snails and frogs legs, therefore I must go back to Paris. I want to do the whole French thing, take all the pictures and do all the shopping and sit on a beautiful balcony and drink tea, I know this seems shallow but it's the small things in life.

I mean, who doesn't want to go? I feel like it's the place where everyone in my generation has gone or wants to go. It just seems like a modern and enjoyable place to go. I would have to get a picture next to the words 'Amsterdam' too, otherwise I wouldn't have been there. There is so much from boat rides down the rivers to the famous Sex museum (which I couldn't not mention).  One place in particular I would really like to visit the Anne Frank Museum; as I have always been fascinated (if that's the right word) sinc I was a child. I think going there would be amazing and to actually see the place where they hid for so many months would give me a better understanding of what it was like for them.

This may seem so obvious. I don't care though. I want to go to Hawaii. It seems so simple there, so relaxed. It would be nice to stay in a little house near the beach and live the 'simple' life for a week or two. The scenery would be gorgeous and I would get to try all their delicacies too. I would of course fully embrace it and wear a hula skirt and a lei (no joke). I would love to learn more about their culture as all I have ever really seen is from movies and books.

New York
There are many reasons why I want to go there, so many and most influenced by Gossip Girl, I mean who doesn't want to go and sit on the Met steps and pretend they are Blair Waldorf for an Afternoon? I think the whole experience would be fantastic, it would be a real adventure and much different to a holiday by the beach. I want to experience and see everything there but one of the things that I would most be excited about is the food. I see so many food videos on Facebook from restaurants in New York with the most amazing and tasty looking food that I would want to try. American food in general is something that I am desperate to try, like waffles and fried chicken (that is something I really want to try). I just want to go there and see what it's like, from watching tv series based there and reading books about it, I have fallen in love with the city and I haven't even been there. I am curious to see if the love is real.

I have wanted to go here for a while. I have heard so many good things about it and have seen the most beautiful pictures. The food looks incredible and the culture is incredibly rich. I would love to go and see it for myself. Not only that the weather is apparently gorgeous so it would be a good place to go on a summer holiday and I have heard the nightlife in some parts is incredible so it would also be a good place to let my hair down. I like the sound of going somewhere like that and heard that when you are actually there it is actually quite inexpensive. It is definitely at the top of my list and is somewhere I hope to visit soon.

There we go. I feel that some of these of places that a lot of people would say but I think that just shows how fantastic it would be to go there. Of course, the list is longer but I am not about to list them all as basically nearly the whole world would be on there. But, for now this is what I hope to achieve in the next few years.


  1. Good luck on your travel for 2018 - Love to visit New York myself especially in winter xx

    Great post and Happy new year!!


    1. Thank you, I am hoping to get a some travelling done this year, fingers crossed.
      And, definitely New York in the Winter is a must!


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