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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope your 2018 is fabulous!!
The final instalment to mini series:
Through doing this series of posts I have realised that the books I have been talking about, none of them actually came out in 2017. I am unsure if this is a good, or a bad thing. Is is a refresh? Or introducing you to books that you wanted to read or forgot, or books that you never knew about? Or am I just telling you things you already knew. Well, maybe next year I might do things differently but for now here is 1st place.

Library of Souls, Ransom Riggs.
The third and final book to 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.
I have already written a post on the whole series if you want to know more information about the series as a whole then check that out here:
Self advertising done.

I finished this book earlier this year and I still feel amazed by it. It's the final book and the book where you find out the answer to all of the questions you have been asking throughout the series.
It's the final battle for the safety of all peculiars who are fighting to just be left alone so they can live their lives in peace.
After a disaster experiment, by accident monsters called 'hollowghasts' and a more developed version 'wights' are created to eat peculiars and finally after years of living in fear, it is the time for the peculiars to fight back. It is everything that the two previous books were leading up to.

Peculiars are people who live with a peculiarity. They have something that people wouldn't consider as normal, that could be a power to fly or anything similar to that. I enjoyed finding out the peculiarities of all the characters, some of them were so fascinating. In the second book, one of the girls they find in a house during a WW2 blitz and she discovers that she is invisible when her house gets bombed and she ends up with a hole going right through her and she survives.
After being outcasted from society or worse, they seek refuge in loops.
This is a small world created by Ymbrynes. This world is stuck in time, it lives the same day everyday and resets after 24 hours. This allows the peculiars to keep safe and live peacefully as they know everything that could possibly happen during that day.
When there safety is suddenly in danger they must leave their loop and fight.
The series is written in different times and we get to live different histories through the character which is what I love most about the books, Riggs has written it so smartly.

After learning about their world in the first book, and going along with their travels in the second, we are finally getting to be there for the fight at the end.
Not only do we get to witness their peculiarities and their world and adventures, we also get to follow the innocent romance between Jacob and Emma and how it develops through the books.

Plus the book is full of old images that were put together after years of going to markets, thrift shops. There are so many photographs in the book and adds some realness to the story. The photographs are beautiful and have so much detail in. It really adds something special to the books.

The final book holds all the answers and finally an end to their dramatic and eventful fight for freedom.
I loved this whole series and award it with first place.
For the books I have read this year, Library of Souls is definitely, without a doubt first place.

Also, even though the film is a little different, I would recommend watching, I thoroughly
enjoyed watching that too.

If you fancy a read of it, Check it out here:


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