Blair Waldorf

Who hasn't watched Gossip Girl?
I mean, if you haven't do it now!
I have probably watched the whole series at least once a year and I never get tired of it.

I love Blair Waldorf, she is one of my favourite fictional characters of all time.
What can we all learn from Blair Waldorf though?


Dress how you want.
Blair wore whatever she wanted regardless of the dress code which is something I like to do. I like to dress to my own dress code, sometimes I might rock up wearing a fancy looking dress when everyone else is in jeans. Why not wear it? I mean if you buy something nice and not wear it then what's the point?
Blair dressed for the occasion every time, even at school where she had to wear a uniform she still pushed it up a notch with gorgeous tights and a fabulous head bands.
She set trends and didn't really care what people thought about what she was wearing because she knew that she was fabulous.

All jokes aside, there was something so deep about Blair, a side that not many would get to see but as an audience we were lucky enough to see.

Stay strong.
We saw Blair go through a lot of troubled times. Life changing and heartbreaking experiences. We also go to see her get through it and move on. The hurt that people caused her wouldn't be shown and she would show how strong she was and how she wouldn't let people bring her down. She handled her heartbreak with class and put her mind to other things (even if the things she was doing weren't particularly good). 

Blair handled this with Class. Everything was schemed and planned to create the perfect revenge. She made them get what they deserved and had no regrets later about what should have been said or done. That is something we can admire, perhaps not imitate though.

I think her passion was admirable. We get to see her grow into someone admirable. She gives herself the life that she always wanted and in the end becomes a independent woman who takes over her Mum's fashion empire and has a beautiful family too. She did everything she could, even getting into Columbia University when the odds were against her. We see examples of her passion during the episode where Dan and Blair fight over their internship.

Fight for love but know when to give up.
Blair fought for her love, not only with Chuck but with her relationships with her friends to, Serena. We saw her fighting for these relationships. She would do everything and anything for these people. With Chuck she knew she loved him and did everything for their relationship, even fighting for him. However, there would be a point where it would go too far and she would know that. She knew when to give up. She had enough respect for herself to give up on the something that she knew wasn't worth it anymore. She did it with grace too, she stood down respectfully and could admit to herself where it went wrong.

I guess this an appreciation post for the character. Although sometimes she was a spoilt 'bitch' at times, throughout the series you see her slowly growing out of this and turing into the woman she is at the end.  A Character so unique and deep that the first judgment you make won't stick.

I just love her character and wanted to write a post on it, I hope you enjoyed my little gossip girl fangirling


  1. LOVE this post! Blair has been a favorite of mine for so long and I don't think that's changing anytime soon!

  2. Thank you! Blair will always be a favourite in my mind!

  3. Love Gossip Girl!! Blair is such an interesting character because she is so mean one minute and then in the next scene you see a completely different side of her. I always admired her loyalty. She is a very complex character. I love the first season the most, I might have to go watch the pilot again today!

  4. Yes! I love watching the earlier seasons.


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