Advice on being a cheap student.

2018 might be the year where you decide to be better with your money. As a student is difficult, for the first time you are responsible for yourself, so you've got to look after your money well otherwise you won't be eating. I am half way through my degree and along the way I think I have picked up some tips and tricks to help with my money. So I thought I would share, so here is how to be a 'cheap student'

My first and most obvious...
Student discount. You are stupid if you don't use this, the standard is 10% but a lot of the time shops will increase this, so keep an eye out.
You can get student discount from your uni id, also from websites like
Unidays and Student Beans.
I use unidays the most; it gives me 50% off apple music which is a HUGE saver for me.
Perhaps if you're about to make a big purchase, wait it out a little and see if the shop will bring out a temporary increase in student discount, you might save a lot.
Normally increases around Christmas, Easter, beginning of terms. They tend to come in patterns so if you work that out then you're a winner.

A similar one. Discount codes. A few times a year Misguided and a few other shops (in the style, pretty little thing etc) drop a 50% off  code. This is your chance to shop, in my opinion you have to spend money to save it. When this happens I take my chance to buy in bulk anything I need, underwear, socks, leggings, t shirts and the one I really take advantage of is eyelashes. If you wait and do it then you're saving half your money, so spend then and save later if that makes sense.

Reduced Section. Don't be a snob, have a little look. Most things you can freeze. Why buy something full price when you can get it for pennies. Obviously be sensible, don't buy stuff that looks horrible or lettuce that is going brown but somethings will run out that same day, you can put it in the freezer and defrost it when you want it. Won't save you a tonne but in the long run it will make a difference.

Points cards. Points are basically free money. You are not spending anymore when scanning your card but you save up and are actually able to get yourself something really nice, or save yourself some money when the time comes to get yourself another mascara. Super drug is good but they expire, boots don't but the points take longer to collect and boots is more expensive and doesn't offer student discount. If you use boots vouchers along with the boots points, that's how you can rack up the points.
Tesco Clubcard is a good one, you can get the app on your phone and gather up vouchers. Every 116 points you get £1.50 voucher and those points go up quick if you do a weekly shop and buy your alcohol there. I save mine up and one week end up having a free food shop. Nectar is good as well, however I find that Sainsburys is a little more expensive and hardly go there anymore.

* A little mini tip. Every month you can fill in a survey for tesco, which you can get a code from the receipts and gain 25 free points a month.  If you've got the time, then why not!!

Do it yourself. I have learnt to do my own brows, pluck and tint. It costs nothing to buy tint and it lasts me around a year. Which saves me around £15 every six weeks. It's something I suggest you really consider, it will also save you money for the rest of your life. Really? What are you waiting for?
If you are wondering how I do my eyebrows and my tips and tricks for doing it, check out my post on tinting: Eyebrow Tinting for Dummies 

Cook and freeze. When cooking don't just cook one meal, cook as much as you can, separate into containers and freeze. It means that you don't have to cook as much and by cooking in bulk and buying in bulk you actually save a lot of money. A big bag of frozen mince gives you around six meals. From bolognaise to cottage pie. You're better off spending more money on food one week and getting more for you money. It would mean the following week you would spend less. Work out what is good for you and stick to it, it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

This one I fail at a lot. Bring your own. Bring your own sandwich, don't buy one. Bring your own hot drink, water instead of buying. It seems like nothing when you're buying it but it all adds up. That change you're not using can be used on your laundry or an extra drink on a night out.

My final tip. This one takes a while and can be hard to control. Any change left in my purse, coins under a pound go into a big jar. I fill up the jar and every once in a while I will count the money and see if any of it can fit into a money bag from the bank. These bags you fill, for example, a bag holds a pound of 1p or 2ps, or £5 of 5ps and 10ps and £10 of 20ps and 50ps. No mixed change!! The bags have instructions on them. Anyway, I like to fill these bags with my loose change and when I have enough, go to the bank and exchange it for a bank transfer or cash. You might not think this makes a difference but if you are patient and frequent with putting your change in the jar and NOT taking it out then you can save up a good amount. I have been to the bank and exchanged £70 before, however I was collecting pounds and 2 pounds at this point (which makes it go a lot faster).

I hope you can use these tips to make a difference to your spending. I think the biggest advice I would give is be sensible with your money and really think about where it is going.


  1. I love your tips! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Thank you, really enjoyed writing this. :)


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