10 Facts about Me

Hi everyone.
Recently I have been getting a lot more views and comments on my blog posts. Which is great because I love it when people engage with me in the comment sections. It's great to hear feedback. Anyway, since I have started getting more attention I thought I would put more of myself into the blog and share with you more about myself. My blog posts that will be coming in the near future are a lot more fashion and beauty based so I thought I would break it up a bit and do something a little more personal.
So here is the ten facts about me ( A tag, I think). 

I am a second year student and I study Creative and Professional Writing, which I love. I feel like it's the perfect subject for me. 

I love reading. I would sit with a book for the whole day if I could. Getting lost in a book is one of my favourite things to do and I can spend hours in book shops. Some of my favourite genres of books are fantasy and romance with the occasional crime/ mystery book. I also have a deep love for classics and my all time favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. 
Bonus Fact: Anything is better when it's heart shaped.

My all time favorite song is 'Shine' by Laura Izibor. For years I have loved it, it's such a pick me up song and always makes me feel better if I need to. 

I have a huge obsession with Master Chef USA and Gordon Ramsay in general. I love food channels and seeing how things are put together. Although sometimes it's bad because it makes me want the food which I cannot afford on a student budget. 

I adore Gummy Bears. Simple. 

Hopefully one day I will become an author. So look out for my books ;)

While writing this blog post I dropped half my biscuit in my tea. On that point. I love tea. Adore it.  

I love fried chicken and chicken wings. I have no idea why but is something that I could eat at any time of day, whenever, wherever.

I am a really annoying person. I seemed to get on everyone's nerves. But after a while it does start to grow on people. Which is good. I think it takes a while for people to meet the real me.

Final point. Now I feel like this needs to be a good one to round off my little tag. It's going to be a pointless and weird one. I have an irrational fear of group chats. I hate speaking on them because I feel like I'll get lost in messages or no one will reply. Sad I know but there you go.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Look out for my next few posts, I have some really exciting ideas and posts coming up. 


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