Weird Christmas Traditions through time and around the world.

This isn't something  I would normally write a post about. However, recently I have been working on a research paper for  Uni that was looking at Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. It was extremely interesting and there was a lot of things I found out that I was unable to put in my essay because it wasn't relevant, so I thought....
Why not write a blog post about it.

As an avid reader, this is one of my favourite things to have found out. Charles Dickens basically invented Christmas for the U.K. If it wasn't for 'A Christmas Carol' then the Christmas we know today wouldn't be the same. The ghost of Christmas Present can directly be linked to Santa Claus. His writing is what kicked off our country's belief in him. Before that England had no gift giver and Christmas was just a alcohol fuelled celebration. When the book was published Christmas really started to transform into how we celebrate it today.
Also, before the book was published Turkey was a really uncommon meat to eat. The sales skyrocketed after Dickens published his book.
Christmas dinner would have never been the same.

This is one of the things that I found really odd. In Austria they have Krampus as a Christmas Icon.
He is a demonic figure that Children believe in a fear during the festive period. On the night of December 5th, he will go around and leave sticks in the bad children's room or perhaps even hit them with said sticks. The story even goes as far as the possibility of Krampus kidnapping a child. A lot of the art work produced of him can be closely linked to the devil. His image is put up in and around houses to remind children to behave.
I find this tradition absolutely terrifying. As a child I would've been terrified to the point where I would have lost sleep. I would have lay in bed, frozen in fear so I am glad it is not something my family ever celebrated. I guess it is successful in making your children behave.

This is not something I came across in my research. I heard about it from a friend so I am not entirely sure how right I will be about this but I think I have gotten the general idea. In portugal when they have their Christmas dinner; they set empty place settings for deceased family. This warmed my heart. How thoughtful is that. No matter how busy and full the table is there is always space for the deceased. It shows how they're still in their hearts and I think that is so special.

I just read about this on Tastemade.
In Japan on Christmas Day, families treat themselves to a KFC Bargain Bucket!! How bizarre. Apparently it's so popular that people have to make reservations. I don't know about you but I love friend chicken but would I want to replace my Christmas dinner with a KFC, I think not!

New York
I wouldn't say this is a tradition but I like this idea. A New York based Television Channel plays a moving image of a fireplace for the whole of Christmas Day and boxing day. I thought this was a really good idea; they say it is for the unlucky who can't afford a fire place. It's simple and could make a difference. Also, a genius idea for that channel to make a lot of money for not doing anything.

I wanted to talk about the less well known traditions and Christmas ideas. I know I veered off the topic a lot but I feel as though I covered the things that I found interesting and that were good and unique ideas.  I would love to hear other people's traditions and their thoughts on them. For some reason I find it really interesting.


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