Trends, habits and things I will be leaving behind in 2017

The Choker Days
I've been thinking recently of things that I have worn in the past. While looking through photos I noticed the things that I don't do anymore... So I thought it would be an interesting thing to blog about. So here goes...

I can't swear by this. Chokers come in and out of fashion like the sun comes out the clouds. However, I noticed that I actually haven't worn a choker in months. I just stopped. I also noticed a lot of my friends stopping too. Perhaps we've all grown out of it. I think the big hoops have taken over, maybe next year I will be writing about giving up the hoops (I hope not), who knows. Anyway, I feel like sadly this trend has died a little. Although, you never know the diamante choker might be making guest appearances throughout 2018.

Short Hair
This isn't exactly a trend, it's more of a personal thing for me. I wrote a post earlier this year about short hair. It just doesn't suit me and every time my hair gets long, I fall for it again and cut my hair short. This year, I think I have finally learnt that short hair is definitely not for me and I need to just keep with the length.

Online Shopping
Obviously this is not something I am completely going to give up on, however I will attempt to give it up for at least two months. Hopefully going full cold turkey will help me tone down the amount when it comes to doing it again. I have spent too much money on clothes recently and will not be buying any more until I need spring/ summer clothes. If I need something, I will go out and get it myself. Let's see how that works.

Phone Time
I read an article recently about someone giving their phone up for a week. It said it made them stop relying on their phone and using other things to help them. They said that they noticed a lot more, slept better and enjoyed life a lot more. I realised how much time I spend on my phone so I am going to try to only use my phone when i need it and not just to scroll through when I am bored.

I think I might tone down the amount of highlighter I wear during the day. This Christmas I have received a lot of comments about 'the glitter' on my face and how stupid it looks. Obviously these people don't understand but nevertheless I think perhaps it does look a little silly with natural makeup, i may invest in a more natural product.  Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Quite a small list but I feel like it will make a difference.
I feel that as I am getting older I am realising that there are somethings that I am getting too old for which might cause another post like this in a couple of months.
Hope you enjoyed this post.


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