My Favourite Student Meals to Make

Final Post Before the Christmas Ones come rolling in....
I thought I would share my favourite and easiest student meals to make, I really enjoy them so maybe you will to if you're looking for easy and affordable recipes...

Get your egg noodles, cook them with hot water and a microwave.
I grab my frozen, cooked chicken from the freezer and cook it in a frying pain with sunflower oil and soy sauce (add some broccoli to the mix for extra crunch)  When the chicken is fully cooked through, drain the noodles and add it to the pan. Add a little more oil and soy sauce. Give it a cook through with the frying pan. And BISH BASH BOSH.

Curry. This is so easy and again with the frozen cooked chicken (you can't go wrong with it).
Heat the chicken through on the frying pan and when the chicken is cooked through, I like to add frozen diced onions, add some seasoning (of course) and then add a curry sauce (personal favourite- Tikka Masala) Heat up some microwaveable rice (if you're real fancy, boil your own) and there you go, a lovely meal right there.

Cottage Pie. This is so easy and makes me feel like I am at home. I grab my wok. Cook up some frozen mince and frozen diced onions. Add some veg, (I use the frozen kind) mix it all up. Add some gravy to the mix, (not too much, no one likes a watery meal). Then add the potato. You could make your own, but if you're lazy like me, I get the pre made stuff. Carrot and Swede mash is my favourite but there's also sweet potato and the plain, old and classic, mash. Pop that into an ovenproof dish and top with the potato, add some cheese if you feel like it. In the oven for 25 minutes and that's it.
Fried Broccoli and Couscous, Bread Chicken and Garlic Bread.
Bit of Mayo too. 
P.S You can freeze whatever you don't eat.

Couscous. So nice they named it twice.  I love the packet couscous, the one you add the hot water too. It's tasty and nutritious. I like to cook some kind of meat with it, normally breaded chicken and fried broccoli and that's it. DONE. Fills me up too. Sometimes I cut up a pepper and fill it with couscous and that is good.

Spaghetti on toast. Tinned Spaghetti bolognaise.  I love that stuff even if you think it's gross. Put some bread in the toaster, spread some butter and then heat up the Spag Bol in the microwave. Done. I like to put the spaghetti in the bread and eat it like a sandwich. Tasty, yet simple.

Beans. How could I do a post on student meals and not mention beans? It would be a crime not to.
Beans are really good for you and fill you up. I like to add some nuggets and it might sound basic or gross but honestly it is so good and one of my favourite meals to eat here.

Pasta bake. Especially with the creamy tomato sauce, that is good. I like to add fresh mozzarella on top and between layers and it cooks in the oven so nicely. Pair with some garlic bread and Bob's your Uncle.

If all else fails...
just order yourself a Chinese. A lovely three in one. Perfect.


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