How to Avoid your Humbug Christmas Alter Ego

Bah Humbug!
Are you the Scrooge in your family?

I love Christmas but sometimes it just gets too much. I will act out, or maybe a small comment will slip out and completely ruin everyone's festive spirit...
So, here are a few things that you could do to avoid looking like a complete dick.

Fake it till you make it!
Instead of sitting aside contemplating your existence during silly games, singing or any christmas activities. Join in. The time will probably go quicker and there is a chance that you might enjoy yourself. Just throw yourself into it and maybe you will start to have fun.
 You'll win points from your family too, maybe look even better than your sibling which in my eyes is always an extra bonus.

Hide behind the smile.
Think of your face as a shield. Use it to hide and to protect others from your lack of enthusiasm and mean thoughts. You can think what you want in your head but keep the outside looking good. Having a smile on your face will at least make other people happy. If you sit there with your face like a slapped arse, no one is going to want to speak to you and it will put you in an even bigger bad mood. Maybe the smile will catch on too, you never know.

Let the christmas spirit take over you. Indulge it what you like. Watch your favourite film and sing your favourite christmas song. At least if you're making the decisions then it's your own fault if you're not enjoying yourself. Think of the positives!!

Be an Adult and have some self control.
GROW UP! Tantrums are for children. Moods are for teenager. I am now an adult and I really can't get away with that behaviour anymore. When you're younger it's fine, it all points to tiredness or hormones but now, people just think you're a bitch!
Live with it and enjoy the time while you can.
I know this year if I am little under the weather on the Christmas spirit, I will regret it when I return to Uni and miss my parents again.

Get Drunk
Alcohol is never the answer! That is not what I am saying. All I am going to say is if you can drink alcohol then it might numb things a little. Make you a little merrier, there's no harm in it.

Who am I kidding though? I do enjoy the time, I think maybe I've still got a little of teenage Sophie in me. Which is fine, I am barely out of the teens. I know I will enjoy Christmas and I hope that you will all to. I am not saying I hate it, because I don't. All I am giving is a little advice on how to avoid being a Scrooge because deny it as much as you want but everyone has a little bit of him in them.


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