Festive Outfit Essentials.

Now, obviously not all of you will agree on this but I would say these are my essentials that can add something extra to any outfit.

The first item is the over the knee high boot.
The perfect shoe for christmas time. You can dress it up or down. The best thing is you don't even need a heel on it to look fancy. The boot offers sophistication and a classiness to an outfit. Plus it covers the majority of your leg so you don't have to reveal it to the freezing cold weather. It looks good over some jeans with a warm and cosy jumper or on the other hand a cute dress. I personally believe it is one of the best things you can invest your money in; if you buy a good quality pair then they will provide you with years of the perfect shoe...

Something Red
I can't not mention this. You can't not with red though. It's that time of year isn't it?
There are a few things that I have seen which have looked good.
The simple red dress, classy and very festive.
Rimmel London, Kate Moss 01
Red tights. I am having serious gossip girl vibes here but I have seen a few outfits where red tights look good. A nice dark red with a black dress or something. I am not sure if it is something I would wear myself, I don't think I would pull it off. Perhaps you will though, a suggestion you might want to consider.
Finally, the red lipstick. Classic. I love wearing red lipstick but if I am honest, it is a lot of work. It's something you have to keep topping up all the time and is annoying if you're eating or drinking, which is quite a common thing at Christmas, (It can get everywhere), sometimes I find myself with lipstick on my chin.
The one that I like to use the most is Rimmel London Kate ones, I think the dark red 01 looks incredible and isn't too bright. I have to admit, it does need an up keep (like most lipsticks)
I must try liquid lipstick at some point but I haven't found one that I have gotten on with yet.
I find it hard to find the right amount to put on so its enough but dries quickly and doesn't smudge or dry my lips up causing me to spend the next week with vaseline glued to my hands and cracked lips.
If you have any suggestions it will be much appreciated.

My 'Sparke' pick for this year.
I think the best time of year to wear sequins, glitter; anything sparkly is Christmas and New years time. It adds something to the outfit. I like to go statement, like a pair of tailored shorts or a skirt. That sort of thing is good because you can wear it with different things and change it up. For example, if you wore with a jumper and tights and boots, it would be different to wear it with heels and a classy bardot top.
 Personally I prefer wearing sequins to glitter because sequins don't go everywhere. You don't want to be that annoying guest at a Christmas party who is leaving glitter everywhere, making it nearly impossible for the host to clean up the next day. They will be finding glitter in July.

Christmas Jumper
The christmas jumper. Christmas jumpers are great because I feel like you can wear the same one each year. No one is going to remember your jumper from the year before and if they do they can't exactly point out that you wore it last year without looking petty. I bought one from H&M one year and it was the itchiest thing I had ever put my body in. I had to wear a long sleeved top on underneath causing me to boil for the whole day.
I think it's  a nice thing to wear casually, to show you are in the spirit, plus a very comfortable and spacious item to wear on Christmas Day, leaving room for all the food you are about to eat.
Plus, no one can say you haven't dressed up and made an effort because you have a friggin Santa on your jumper.

Finally my favourite part. I love wearing socks, especially having my tights tucked into them and my socks poking out the top of my boots. I like it because I feel like it shows a separation between my legs and feet since my tights and shoes are black. It's nice to have a pop of colour between the two.
The socks have got to be cute, little Santa's reindeers, Christmas pudding. All looks great. Can't believe I get excited about socks but I do. Who doesn't love them though?

So that is my random, yet festive list of outfit essentials for the Christmas Period, I hope you enjoy.
Merry Christmas.


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