Favourite Things about Christmas.

I prefer the lead up to Christmas more than the day itself which you may think is weird...
But yes! Here are my favourite things about Christmas.

Christmas is surrounded by tasty and festive food. The shops come out with all of the tasty party foods (breaded brie is what I am most excited about), which are always right up my street. From the party food to the snacks. I feel like it's the best time of year because when you fancy a little treat there is always something in the house to eat; celebrations, quality street. It's so good. Even savoury snacks with festive crisps and nuts. Such fabulous snacking. Then there is the cheese. So much cheese. My Mum goes all out with the christmas cheese board and honestly, is one of the things I am most excited about for Christmas. And finally, the christmas dinner. From the pigs in blankets to the yorkshire puddings, I cannot wait. Every year we have a delicious spread and that is what is pulling me through deadline right now. Then for days after the leftovers, the most delicious festive sandwiches. 

Christmas Menus. 
I know, it's food again but I thought that this deserved a separate section. 
At Christmas, restaurants really up their game and I find myself getting some great deals on set menus. The work that chefs put into these menus are amazing. I can't wait to try them all out. The wetherspoons brie burger sounds to die for and don't get me started on the Christmas Byron burgers (talk about cheese).  
Even McDonalds has game this year. The beef burger is delicious (I have tried it, I can vouch). When I found out the cheese bites were Camembert, I was beyond excited, they are also incredible. However, one thing I would moan about is the sauce, ketchup and Worcester sauce, NO NO NO!!

I feel like it's the time to dress to impress. 
The glitter, the red, the sequins. It's fun to dress festive and I think it's the best time of year to jazz it up at bit. 
However, on the other hand. 
You can't say no to an ugly christmas jumper.  It's the only time of the year where clashing, bright, themed jumpers with bells etc is acceptable. 

The Movies. No matter how crap a Christmas film is, it always give you that warm feeling and I love that. 
The cold weather plus a hot drink and a Christmas Movie really puts me in a good, and festive mood. 
In my opinion, one of the best things about the festive period. 
Would have to say the best Christmas film is The Holiday, or Elf.

Decorations. It's so nice to walk around and just look at the lights. There is always that one house which is spectacular. However, there is something better. The shop windows, I love the displays, some of them are so thought out and have such amazing detail. It's so nice to walk around the shops and just look at the displays. 

Finally. That feeling when you have bought all the presents and you are happy with what you have got. When everything that needs to be done is finished and you can just enjoy the celebration. It's such a great time of year where you can be surrounded by family and friends. 


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