Christmas Food.

One of my favourite things to blog about is food. I have a weird obsession with it, I am a massive Foodie I cannot lie about that. So I thought I would keep with the festive theme and talk about my favourite Christmas food that I have already indulged in this festive period and I am looking forward to eating more of...

I will start with my all time favourite.
BREADED CHEESE. I am not talking about the basic mozzarella sticks though.
Breaded Camembert and Bread Brie, the Queens.
This is my all time favourite, It is the best and most indulgent of the comfort food in my opinion.
Eat with some cranberry sauce and you're taste buds will melt.

The best sandwiches of the year. Not only do shops open up to more tasty toppings for their sandwiches, the cafes come out with the best festive paninis. There are Christmas markets and stalls that are selling amazing pork and stuffing sandwiches or Turkey and Cranberry. Then it doesn't stop there. If you're lucky, like me and have a family full of foodies and buy way too much food. You have these sandwiches for days after Christmas. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Obviously, Wetherspoons didn't know
I wanted to take a picture otherwise
the presentation would be
Now, I do not want to discriminate against all the other burgers; I am sure they're tasty too. There is one I specifically want  to talk about. The Wetherspoon bacon and brie burger. A celebration in my mouth. Everything I could possibly want in a burger and more. A gorgeous beef pate with bacon, cranberry sauce and brie but to my surprise when I received the burger the brie inside was BREADED. Now I have already expressed how I feel about this. But yes, that burger is incredible and would recommend to everyone and anyone. 

Party Food.
I know I have mentioned this in a blog post before but I am not afraid to mention it again.
Party Food is always something I like but at Christmas, it really goes up a level. From bellini's to
chicken wings. You will always find me near the food table at parties.

And Finally,
Christmas Drinks.
How can I forget about the things that compliment all of this?
The flavoured hot chocolates and lattes. I feel like a hot drink while shopping or looking around a market makes it feel more like christmas. Especially if you have a festive takeaway cup.  It's the only time of the year where you can have this deliciousness.
Then the night time.
The Christmas alcoholic drinks. The cocktails on some of the menus are delicious and so different to what you're used to normally. It's just something different to have and puts you in the spirit.  Because it's Christmas you probably will get a good deal on it aswell.
Then lastly, there is the warming and cosy mulled wine.

I hope you enjoyed me just basically talking about food for a good 10 minutes...


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