Book of the Year, 3rd Place

I was thinking about my final posts for this year and thought that I should write I enjoy writing about the most. That would be books. I thought I would write my favourite book that I read this year but then I realised that a year is a very long time, therefore I thought I would do 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

3rd Place. The Chick Lit. 
I Heart Forever by Lindsey Kelk. The final book to the I heart series. 

I have written about Lindsey Kelk before, I believe that she has written two series and a few other books that stand alone. One thing I have noticed that in one of her books she has linked all the chracters together, in some way they all know each other and I love when writers do that. 
I would happily recommend any of her books as she writes so well and all of her books are filled with excitement and every time I struggle to put them down. 
I have been following this series for years. There are 7 books in the series, (I heart: New York, Hollywood, Paris, Vegas, London, Christmas and finally, Forever) all following the main character Angela who moves to New York from England after a shocking reveal in her life. We get to read Angela making her mark and creating a new life for herself. Each book takes you and Angela to another place where you can see her successes and failures. Her character is extremely likeable and hard not to attach yourself to. 
If I were to compare her to a character it would be Bridget Jones which again I have loved to read and watch through the years. This is probably why I made such a strong attachment to Angela in the first place and so very quickly too. 
You will fall in love with her friendships, the perfect relationship between her and Alex and even more so with her personality.  
Angela is a normal person, someone who is not perfect it makes reading her more interesting as her character is not 'basic' or follows any archa type, you will be surprised and the unexpected will happen. 

In I Heart Forever we see Angela face difficulties with life without her husband while he goes travelling, struggles with her job where she has to fight to keep her magazine in business and keep her team from being made redundant and finally keeping control of her eccentric best friend while helping to plan her wedding. 
Oh and, trying to hide her pregnancy so her husband can be the first to find out their baby news. 
However, if you know Angelia and have read the books you would know that nothing is ever simple for her and more trouble then she would like follows her. 

If you are looking for something to read in 2018 then this is something I would tell you to read, however I would suggest to read the other books first.

I Heart Forever is my personal 3rd place for 2017.

Go and Check it Out!:


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