Book of the Year 2nd Place

Here is my second post for book of the year.
In second place...

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Crime, Thriller)

I know, I know, I am very late to this party. The Gone Girl buzz has been and gone but after hearing all of the hype about the book and the film, I thought I would give it a read. So as I said the buzz has been and gone perhaps I shouldn't be writing about it but I was so surprised by this book I had to talk about it.
I will admit, I began reading this book a while ago, perhaps 2016, maybe earlier. I really struggled with it, the beginning is a little slow and I just found myself not wanting to pick it up. It was left for a while, but I hate leaving a book unread so I gave it another go.
In the beginning it was a forced read, I did a chapter a day and read along with another book. However, as I got deeper into the book I found myself reading another chapter after my allotted one a day, then reading it became enjoyable and something I actually wanted to do.
If you don't already know, the story follows a man who's wife goes missing. All evidence points to him. We get to read from his point of view, as the book goes on we start to question his innocence along with the rest of the world who is starting to excuse him. All evidence points to him and as a reader we are faced with a difficulty as we are reading from his side but the evidence is making it clear that he killed his wife. Then comes a huge twist.
I can't say much more as I will give so much away and I would suggest if you are planning to read this book, read it! but don't carry on with reading this post until after you have read and finished the book.
Like I said, it's very strange to read. For the first time a book has messed with my head. I was really unsure on what to think and was confused on which reader to believe. Along with Nick's (the husband) narration we also get an insight on Amy's (the wife) diary, where we are shown what happened in the years, months and days leading up to her disappearance. As we finally start to make our mind up and decide whether Nick is guilty or innocent, the book then moves on to Amy in the present. What she is doing and where she is. The innocent Amy in the diaries is completely different to Amy in reality and the truth is finally revealed.
The book is shocking, dramatic and at the end really did have me on the edge of my seat, I stopped reading chapter by chapter and found that I was reading massive chunks of the book at once.
It was one of those reads where by the end you feel the 'wow' and have to sit there for a few minutes to think about what you have read.
I will now definitely be giving the movie a watch, it will be interesting to see how it differs.
Gone Girl, my personal 2nd Place to the books I have read this year.
Go and Check it out here!:


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