Best and Worst Things about Coming Home for Christmas

Coming home for Christmas is weird for me. It's the second Christmas where I don't live at home. However, I have put together a list of the good and bad things about returning home for Christmas.
Hope you enjoy.

Unlimited food. For the first time in weeks I can pick something from the fridge without worrying about ruining a meal I have planned for the rest of the week.
Not only that though, home food is so much nicer.
There are things I won't buy while I am at uni: cheese and ham especially as they can be quite pricey on a student budget.
So I get a feast and fill up on all the things I have been missing out on.

I feel like in a way I lose control. When I am at uni, If I am cold, I put on the heating, if warm, I turn it off. Easy. However, while at home, I will not dare touch it. There is a timer and no matter how old I am, I will get told off if I touch it.
I lay in bed too cold or too hot and there is nothing I can do about it.

Clean sheets and free laundry.
At home, I will always come home to clean and fresh sheets (thank you Mum) but, also I won't have to pay for a washing machine. I can do all my laundry here for free. Which gives my clothes some real TLC.

Being at home means the end of the semester. Which means I don't have any money left. I come home with empty pockets. I feel like when you're at home you spend more money, you lose your stingy attitude. You get the 'Ahh it's Christmas, I'll treat myself' attitude and that really hurts your bank balance. When I come home I like to see my friends, the ones with proper jobs. They are all minted and I am not, but I still seem to think I can keep up with their spending. I will never learn.

It's just nice to be home, be with the people who you haven't seen in awhile. It's fab. You can just relax and not have to worry about what you're going to have for dinner, all the deadlines and lectures you've got to attend. It's nice to just be around people, especially (if like me) you spend a lot of time by yourself.

City to small town.
This doesn't affect me if I go home for a weekend, however it does if I am at home for any longer than a couple of days. I go to uni in a small city, it's not massive but it's perfect for me and completely convenient. However, at home, I live in a small village.
I can't just walk over to mcdonalds if I fancy a cheeseburger or  a milkshake. Nor can I walk home after a night out and am forced to pay an obscene amount for a taxi (which I don't).
The oyster that was my world is no longer mine?? (Did that make sense?)
Since I no longer have insurance on my Dad's car, I can't drive anywhere either. I have to rely on lifts, which is not always easy around the Christmas period, everyone is always drunk!

So, as you can see there are plenty of pros and cons.
I do love being at home and am excited to be here for Christmas but you can bet by the end of it I will be itching to go back to my little city.


  1. Love this post. It must be really nice to come home to family!

  2. Thank you, yea it's really good to be at home.


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