The Short Hair Itch

A Vicious Circle...

I thought I would write about this as I fall for it, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every time, I regret it too.
15th Year Itch

If you've ever had long hair, you will know what I am on about.
Every few years, once I have finally grown my hair out, this happens.
I have no idea why, I would think by now that I have learnt my lesson...

My hair is finally just starting to grow back from my last 'itch'.
My hair came down to the middle of my back, it was a really nice length, it was heavy enough to make my curls drop and to help with the frizz. I have no idea why I wasn't satisfied with it.

I had just submitted all my coursework and I wasn't really doing anything, I was in that weird time where I was still at uni but had done all my work, I wasn't ready to go home yet and all my friends were still under deadlines or preparing for exams. I was just bored, watching a lot of netflix and the idea hit me to have shorter hair... I must've been watching something where the actress had short hair (that is normally what kicks off the itch, seeing someone else completely rocking short hair)

This plays on my mind a lot and there is nothing else I can think about. I just want to chop my hair off.
So I did.
If I am being honest, I haven't been to the hairdressers since I was 17. I just hate the experience and I do cut my own hair (It's probably not the best idea but that's what I do.)

It goes well,
I really loved it. It got rid of the ends and made it look healthier. I must've chopped off around two inches which wasn't a big deal and it was good. I should've stopped there...

A few weeks passed and the itch was still there. I wanted short hair, I knew in my head that it was a bad idea, short hair for me isn't a good look. It makes my hair much lighter which makes my curls go crazy and uncontrollable (I end up having to always clip my hair back).

I would justify it by saying I have a different hair routine now, I know how to look after my curls...
Excuse after excuse.
Finally. I did it. I got the scissors, sat in front of my dressing table and chopped.
I wasn't sure about it, I was always looking in the mirror and trying to convince myself I loved it.
Then I chopped Again... 
It didn't look awful but I can say that my hair definitely looks better longer and it's easier to handle (it looks after itself more when it's long, there isn't much styling needed).
It Grew Back but I can tell you shortly after this photo I fell for it again...

The short hair itch will not get me again... I'm hoping...


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