I am a Left Hander.

You may think this is a weird thing to post about, therefore that means you are right handed.
There are certain qualities to being left handed and certain dis qualities you could say.

Did you know?
Left Handed People are more likely to pursue creative careers.
There are phobias of left handed people, it is called Sinistrophobia (probably spelt that wrong).
On a Qwerty keyboard you type 1447 words with your left hand and only 187 with your right.
For more interesting facts: http://leftyfretz.com/25-facts-about-left-handed-people/

It is said that only 10% of the population is left handed.
It's special. If you are like me you are part of the small and special group in the world. However, there a certain aspects of the left handed life that are incredibly annoying...

"You're Left Handed?" "I've never seen you use your left hand, no you're not" "I don't believe you"
Honestly if I was going to make something up about myself it would be a little bit more interesting that which hand is my dominant hand!
The comments. I can't stress enough how annoying it is and how you shouldn't do say it!
Firstly, there is no need to state the obvious, thanks for noticing but I don't need you to tell me that I am left handed and if you see me writing with my left hand then it is pretty clear that I am a left hander. There is no need for that conversation to happen. It is just irritating and a waste of my time.
I understand it is different, it is something that if you're right handed you may not have seen a lot, however I use my hands everyday it's normal for me and I don't go around pointing out what hand you are using.

I can't tell you how annoying it is when people can't understand that you can't understand. My Mum has spent years trying to teach me how to cartwheel I just can't work it out in my head. She teaches me right handed (because obviously she is right handed) but I try to do it her way but I can't fully fall that way, i don't trust myself and then doing it the other way just wont work.  I can't work out in my head how to do it. Everything is backwards for me and the way she is teaching me I just can't convert it in my head and no one understands why I can't, it's extremely frustrating. I know it sounds stupid and I promise you that I am not, but it is backwards which can make things a little difficult.

Left handed Scissors. The green and yellow ones at school. The amount of people who were right handed and took them (they didn't really work anyway but that is not the point!) because they were green and yellow would infuriate me or worse. You would have to go and ask a teacher for them and they would be reluctant to give them to you. I am so glad that I don't have to deal with it anymore and funnily enough, normal scissors work for me so it was just those stupid scissors that were in every single primary and upper school in the country.

The smudging that appears on the edge of your hand. I wasn't at a particular strict school but I would always get the comments from teachers about how scruffy my hands looked. I couldn't help it, with the amount of writing I would do in a day, it was impossible not to completely cover my hands in pen. It was frustrating for me because I couldn't help it. I would have to take frequent breaks in writing to allow my pen to dry in order to keep clean hands. One easy way to avoid this. Biro. Schools need to chill out with the fountain and 'hand' writing pens. If you think about it, if we wrote right to left then this problem would also not be there. Our culture favours the right hand! Scandalous.

Sitting and writing next to some one right handed. It is perfect when someone sits on my right, it means that not only are we not bumping arms, we have the most amount of space possible. However, we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes, someone who is right handed will sit on my left. For the rest of the lesson, lecture, whatever it is. There is an awkward arm bump, to the point I am putting myself in an awkward position writing. It's not fun! Speaking of which, Walls! In exams they would put me next to the wall and It was so hard to write with my arm hitting wall the every second, I would ask to move but they would say no. They didn't understand the situation.

It is kind of cool being different, even if its a little thing that on the scale of things doesn't mean anything. And, I can't even explain the bond between me and when I find someone who is also left handed. It's not a massive thing and these annoying qualities are tiny issues compared to others. Just a fun little, hopefully relate-able to some of you, post.

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