Best Ways to Spruce up Your Uni Room.

I'd like to think I have done a really good job with my room, adding little things to make it mine.
Every year someone else lives in the room, I find that such a weird thought but I feel like I wanted to make it mine, make myself actually feel at home, away from home.
So here are some of the things that I have in my room that I think makes it different, and more like me.

This is so important I think. Normally the light you get with your room will be a big, artificial and blinding light. Which is not the sort of thing you want on when you're just trying to chill. Therefore bring a lamp. I have two here and when I have them both on at the same time it's the perfect lighting for me. To make it more unique I have a very questionable lamp shade (That I love) and I think it just adds character to the room and I am in love with it. When I move out (properly) and have my own house or whatever I can promise that this lamp will be making an appearance.
Another lighting suggestion (and one you've probably heard LOADS!)  Fairy lights. I think they just add a really nice finishing touch. I have blue and white, glass ball fairy lights and I think they are so cute and different to any other fairy lights before (and they are battery powered, meaning I can put them wherever).

Fake Flowers.
I have a fake orchid on my window sill (it stands alone) but it looks so nice and simple. I didn't want to clutter up my window sill, it makes closer curtains, opening windows etc, a much more of a hassle I think. But yes! Fake flowers make the room look fresh. Real flowers would work too but I don't think I am responsible enough to keep a plant alive.

I do this out of ease if anything, I would never have considered it as decor but since getting to Uni I have had people compliment me on this. Instead of putting photos on my pin board (I don't do it because it can distract me from doing other things. I can spend so long just staring at pictures), I have necklaces pinned up, it stops them from looking tangled but also looks quite cute.

Shoe Rack
Now, I know this doesn't really sound like decor, but honestly it is the best way to store your shoes. Last year I had all my shoes in a box at the end of my bed and it was so annoying having to rifle through every time I wanted some shoes, therefore this year I decided to invest in a shoe rack. It looks so good, it keeps everything tidy, it's such a simple and inexpensive solution to storage.

Finally, this is a little random but I just wanted to add it because I love it and makes such a nice addition in my room. I have a crochet footstool which sits next to my desk, it fills a space that would otherwise be empty and makes the room feel a little more full. I never really use it, It's more to put my bag on, but it looks good so I think thats a winner.
Hope you enjoyed this post and the photos that came with it.


  1. Your room looks lovely! I love that lamp, it looks very vintage and the footstool is so cute! I love using jewellery as decor and love having my bangle/necklace tree out on display! Good luck with uni : )

    Heather xx


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