Being a Redhead.

I think this may be something all red heads can relate to...
Remember being a teenager and everyone wanted luscious long locks? At this point we were at the age where we couldn't afford the nice ones. So we would go to a cheap shop and get clip in extensions that looked terrible but made us feel great.
Well I didn't get to experience that feeling...
No shop had my colour :(
Maybe thats a blessing if they looked so bad though??
Anyway, if I wanted extensions now, I still think they would struggle to find the colour, I would have to dye my hair.
So I guess I will just have to wait for my hair to grow... 

This is kind of disgusting... Obviously my hair colour isn't the most common. Therefore, when I find hair I know it's mine. For example, when I do my laundry and there is hair stuck in my socks or clothes, if it's red (it always is) there is a huge chance that it's mine and it makes me feel a lot better, whereas if I found a black hair and I had black hair, I would be more freaked out as it the chance of it being someone else's in my lovely clean clothes would be much bigger. Make sense, yea....
I could think of a better example..
If I was at a restaurant and I found a hair, it would freak me out and make me not want to eat my food, but if it was red then I'd know it was mine and be able to enjoy my meal. Any other colour then I would have good reason and enough evidence to send my food back.
I've explained this in probably the most complicated way but I hope you got it.

The comments.
Don't get me wrong, it's nice to be complemented and that is not what I have a problem with...
It's the negative comments and sometimes the weird ones.
Just because I have red hair, I apparently look like a lot of people's first girlfriends, and when that is coming from a 60 year old man, it can be quite creepy.
Shouting 'ginger' or any ginger related comment that is supposed to be an insult. Really? How can a observation be an offensive? It's so annoying.
"My friend is ginger..." Okay, cool!
And finally, the stupid questions...
"Why don't you die your hair?"
"Why don't you fake tan?"
"Are you Irish?"

I'm not sure how accurate this is, as I have seen different figures in different places but...
According to BuzzFeed, only 2% of the world are red heads...
I think that is pretty cool... We are obviously a unique kind...

I burn so easily...
Factor 50 all the time, no point in using anything else.
When I went on holiday with my friends, they were all reluctant to help put the sun cream on my back because then they wouldn't tan on their hands and in between their fingers (talk about a weird tan line).
P.S I don't get a tan, I just freckle. A lot of people have said to me, one day your freckles might join up and then you will look tanned. *Eye roll.


I really enjoyed writing this, I found it quite amusing to look back on. I hope there are some of you who can relate to this, I would love to hear anymore if anyone has got any.


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