The Ghosts of my Halloween Past.

I thought this would be a fun thing to write about...
Halloween is a time that some people spend a lot of time thinking, planning outfits for them self...
For me, I wish I was that person because then I wouldn't be caught up in last minute regret every year.

I can't go through every year of my life, mostly because I can't remember but I will go through some of my 'classic' costumes I have worn in the past.

The Vampire.
This is one that has come around time and time again. I used to love dressing up as a vampire, who knows why? I don't. I hated the fake teeth because of  how disgusting it really was and I hated the taste of fake blood so again, why did I put myself through that. Easiest costume really, fake teeth and blood are probably the easiest thing to find around this time of year, they're sold everywhere. Teamed with all black and if you're feeling extra contacts, you can look legit.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I was the girl who went out looking for a costume with my Mum. I found a fluffy body warmer that I fell in love with (I was around 7 by the way), she wasn't going to buy me it because I didn't need it so I insisted that it would be part of my costume and just changed all my Halloween plans to fit around this body warmer. So that was my costume. I didn't care really because I still looked bad ass. But I would also like to mention that I never wore that body warmer ever again so really it wasn't worth it.

I can't tell you enough how many times that I have dressed up as a cat. When I was younger I was obsessed with dressing as a cat, i thought it was cute. Although as I have aged the cat has come out a few more times but not in a good way. The cat for me has been a last minute costume when plans have come up from no where but then also, my 18th Halloween where I had planned to stay in with a boyfriend and watch Halloween films but he stood me up. So I did what any girl should do and went out to enjoy the night, which ended up being a really good night.

I loved this costume. I thought it was so quirky and funny. I wore an orange dress with fish net tights and a pumpkin head gear which actually looked alright. I did an orange contour on my face and it actually looked okay. A funny costume I think but I definitely was not feeling myself.

A recent costume of mine, I wore face jewels and a unicorn horn. Really painful and EVIL sparkly pink heels and a nude dress. It wasn't festive to it's occasion but it was spectacular. Felt so sparkly and I don't care how that sounds!

Would like to add, one time I dressed up as a fish! NOT on Halloween though, just for fun!

If you were wondering, this year I will be basic, I will be dressing as a devil.
Happy Halloween :D


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