KFC Double Down Burger

I am the biggest foodie. I literally love it so much, so why not write about it? I am very passionate on the topic.
So here's my first food post. You might think it's an odd topic or what ever but i don't really care.
Since I heard about this KFC burger I was already excited to try it and yesterday I finally got the opportunity to taste it...

But first, the details.
After countless requests KFC decided to launch the burger in the U.K but only for a limited amount of time so grab it while you can.
The burger first released on the 9th October 2017 and is out for 6 weeks.
Prices start from £4.79 to £5.79 as a meal (fries and a drink).

The Burger.
KFC released two versions of the burger.
Forget the bread, that's old news.
Two succulent original recipe fillets with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce in the middle. 
The seconds is the same but with out the bacon.
I tried the full works, bacon and all.

The burger comes in a foil packet keeping it fresh and warm. On opening there is an option to follow the tear lines to have a little 'plate' to eat on.

The taste. Incredible. I love the original recipe chicken already but the taste of the BBQ, cheese and bacon was incredible. The cheese was perfectly melted and there was a perfect amount of bacon inside and the ratio of BBQ sauce was spot on.
The burger does fall apart in your hands, it's quite difficult to eat but worth it I would say.

I would recommend trying the burger without a doubt. If you're interested then TRY IT.
However, I don't think it is something I will be purchasing again, perhaps if it was a permanent item on the menu or around for much longer then I would be more likely to have it again, with the price in mind and what the product actually is I don't think I will be having it again. My expectations were higher than what I experienced but then again I did think very highly of it.

I would rate the burger 7/10.


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