Favourite Autumn Accessories.

My favourite part of the year is when it starts to get colder.
I am bored of summer and so ready for some cold and refreshing weather. 
One thing I look forward to is the clothes, I think it's so much easier and stylish when you dress for Autumn and Winter, I think there is more freedom with what you wear. 

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite items...

I cannot tell you enough how much I have missed wearing tights.
Braving the bare legs is a very dangerous thing in this country considering the unpredictable weather we experience. 
For me, they are the most comfortable and easy things to wear. (Even though I bet some of you will disagree with me).
There are not just plain black tights. There are coloured tights; for example a beautiful burgundy would look amazing this time of year, patterned tights, knitted tights. Need I go on? They allow you to wear your most stylish and pretty outfits without having to worry about the cold. I mean who's genius idea was this?
I know it's sad but i can't express my love for tights enough, jeans can go do one! 
I know what people are thinking as well though, tights are annoying but not if you know how to wear them. 
*Top Tip: Wear another pair of knickers over the tights to keep them up then they wont move for the rest of the day. You're Welcome... 

I love these so much, I think they add something so special to your outfit and they make me feel like Blair Waldorf. I have a few ranging from winter items that will cover my ears to keep them warm and stylish ones that will just vamp up my outfit.
So perfect and it holds down my hair when I am experiencing an especially frizzy hair day. WIN WIN!

Lips and Nails
There's so many nice autumnal colours like dark nudes, dark reds even dark blues.
I feel like it's the best time of year to experiment and it really brightens up a gloomy day.
Lipstick is the best because it means the rest of your make up can be so minimal. I have been so excited to crack out the dark lippies.
My Favourite is Mac's Verve.
Same with Nail Varnish, it can make such a difference to your look and again there are so many colours that you can choose from. Personally I like dark blues on my nails, i think it looks so simple but different.

Fluffy Socks
It is finally cold enough to wear fluffy socks without feeling like your feet are sitting in a sauna and finally its cold enough to wear the type of shoes that you can wear these fluffy socks with.
Everyone makes fun of me for it but I love to tuck my jeans into my socks and have the tops stick out my boots a bit, it makes me feel so cosy.
Boots are my most favourite thing in the world and basically the only thing I wear on my feet (even in the summer). Finally it's the time of year to wear them and the shops are full of the cutest ones around. This year I have seen so many gorgeous booties in beautiful colours: purple, red, green. There are so many ways you can go and I am definitely going to consider buying a pair of red or purple boots. Best kind of shoes.


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