Beautiful Creatures Book Series.

I feel as though I am very late to this party... These books came out a while ago. I began to read them two years ago, half way through the third book for some reason I gave up, but this summer I decided to continue on with the series. I stopped reading because I was bored... I didn't want to carry on and decided to start reading something else, but when I came home this summer I was determined to finish the book and when I picked it up I was pulled into the world of Casters. I don't understand how I was struggling to finish this book. Perhaps I have grown up a little, or maybe have retained more patience through out the two years. This is why I think giving books a second chance is so important, you may just not be ready for it.

Anyway.... The series consists of four different books- 
Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Darkness
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Redemption

 The book follows a young Caster who is fighting the temptation of dark magic and the choice between right or wrong. Lena is labelled as an 'outcast' for her family background, appearance and place she lives. However, that doesn't stop Ethan from taking interest. Each book follows a new chapter to Ethan and Lena's life and with every solution becomes a problem. I really enjoyed this series in the end. I bought the books because I watched the film and wanted to see what happened next, however, the book and the film are very different. The film doesn't give a good representation of the book at all and if you're interested in the idea of the story I would just skip the film all together. If you're looking for a book chick lit/fantasy then this is a perfect mixture of both. I found that the way this was written was different to most books I have read. The majority of the book was written from the perspective of Ethan. I found this really interesting as we discovered the world of Casters with him. Garcia Stohl allowed us to make our own opinions and show us what is there rather than telling us.

Definitely recommend if you're looking for a series to dive head first into.


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