Step Back In Time.

This book is literally a step back in time.

The title of this book is what interested me in the first place. The cross over of genres was intriguing.
Ali McNamara tells an amazing story of a workaholic who suddenly gets knocked over by a car and wakes up in the swinging sixties. She has to find her way back to the present and along the way is knocked into other fabulous decades. The book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, never knowing when the next car was coming to knock her over into the next time. McNamara's writing was incredibly descriptive, I could clearly imagine the world she was showing. The setting was London and she used real places (King's road) to tell her story.

A common theme through out the story is Jo Jo seeking help from a record shop owner who she knew in 2013. When she meets him in the 60's he is much younger and each decade Jo Jo gets to see George a decade older. He is the only character who stays the same and is aware of the time travelling. The relationship the readers get to witness is so heart warming. Two more characters are in all the decades as well and that is Jo Jo's best friend and her love interest. Each decade they are different for example in the 70's they are all teenagers whereas in the 60's they are all employees at a record label. We get to see the two characters fall in love and leave us begging McNamara for them to end up together.

Jo Jo meets people who like her traveled from the future but are stuck and not moving forward unlike her. She must try to help them move on and when she accomplishes what she must then she moves on to the next decade. McNamara leaves clue from the future to help Jo Jo and us determine who is from the future.

This book is a great light read and heart warming story that I'm sure most people will enjoy. I couldn't recommend it enough. I loved how different this was to anything I read before. It was great to read while unwinding from the day. P.S Anyone who loves the Beatles would really appreciate some of the features in this book.


  1. I've read this before and I loved it!


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