Miss Periegrine's Home for Peculair Children Series

I really enjoyed reading this series, the idea behind these books were incredible. Briggs wrote in fiction but at the same time discussed topics and subtly brought up important parts of history. The detail put in is what makes the series so special, from the streets name to the description of clothes they were wearing in different periods of time. The book is full of handpicked photographs found by the author at vintage fairs and stalls, which puts a personal and special touch to the books.

When I first heard about these books and the film that followed after, I thought that they were books written for a younger age group. However, after reading I can confidently say this was written for adults. Not only does the book discuss some sensitive ideas that are not only difficult to understand but also completely heartbreaking, there are parts that some might find quite scary. Riggs bases his tale around our worlds history and it's fascinating that although his writing is fiction, he is still sending a strong message out about the past and putting a new perspective on history.

The series follows a young man Jacob who's Grandfather dies, after his death he finds out the tales he was told as a child about peculiar children and evil villains could be true and he must go and investigate. He convinces his Dad to take him to the small island off the coast of the UK which is where the story unfolds. He finds the tales to be true and the people in the house match the photos his Grandfather showed him. When Jacob arrives he finds the Children in danger from wights and hollowghasts who's only mission is to destroy peculairs and Jacob might be the only one who can help them.

I recommend these books to everyone. It holds something for any kind of person; from history to action to romance. The amount of historical context in the book makes the story more realistic and makes it impossible not to make attachments to the characters. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and hungry for more.

The series includes three books:
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
Hollow City
Library of Souls

I really enjoyed reading this series and would really recommend it to anyone.


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