All Time Beauty Favourites.

When it comes to makeup, I would definitely not consider myself as a 'guru', if anything I would say I am stumbling through the world that is beauty. However, along the way I have tried and tested many of products and have come out with favourites that I would love to share with you now.

P20 Once A Day Sun Protection.
Now, some may say this isn't a 'beauty' product but I would say it is one of the most important ones out there. Sun cream. People really do underestimate how important this product is. Now as a ginger I can hand on my heart say I have a huge, extensive experience with sun cream brands. I have very sensitive and fair skin and walking outside during the summer without any protection is a huge mistake. Not only does sunburn make your skin fluorescent (which is not a good look) but it can also cause skin cancer, it really isn't worth missing out a product like this, even if you 'don't burn' the damage can still be done.  P20 is an amazing product. I went on holiday last year which was the first time I had a full opportunity to try out this product. I applied the cream in the morning and only re applied in the middle of the day on my shoulders, chest and face. I didn't once get burnt. I was amazed that you only needed it in the morning and it would last the whole day (you must read the instruction though to find out how to use the product properly and successfully). Although the cream is more expensive than most other brands, you obviously use less as you apply it once a day and you are kind of paying for the convenience. For a ginger person, you can probably see why I was so happy for this product to hit the market. I would fully recommend this to anyone and it is available in multiple factors and forms.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter.

I only bought this product as I was looking to try out a highlighter and decided to go for cheap and cheerful in the beginning. I chose the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter. Which I believe I only paid around £3.00 for. It wasn't supposed to be something I would wear everyday it was just to play around with and try out. However, after trying it I decided to add it to my everyday collection. I would go out during the day and night and would be complimented for it. People would say my cheek bones were glowing. Obviously the glow would depend on how you would apply it, for me I liked to use my finger then blend with a brush to get the best effect.The texture of the product is so smooth and would apply onto the skin so easily. So, if you're looking for a good and affordable highlighter I would recommend this one. I have tried the golden lights shade and the pink toned shade and loved both of them.

Freedom Duo Brow Powder 
I saw this product while shopping in super drug. I had previously used brow kits and thought it would work in a similar way. I thought it was so simple and the packaging was so small that it would fit nicely into my makeup bag. The product is very inexpensive so i thought that I would try it out and I loved it. I apply the product with a real techniques angle brush and it gives the brow a natural look which stays on for the whole day. I got it in the shade auburn which matches perfectly with my red hair. 

eos Lip balm 
The eos hype has been and gone, if I am being honest I never really jumped on that hype. I tried the product and hated it on my lips. It then became one of those products that was just lying around in my draw and was never used. That was until someone told me that you could use plain lip balms to set your eyebrows, so I decided to try the product on my eye brows and I was really surprised with the result. It had the same hold as an eyebrow gel but without the rough and sticky feeling. Therefore if you're looking for a new eyebrow gel, why not try lip balm or better yet a eos lip balm. 

Essence Lip Liners 
I have been using these lip liners for a long time. Every time I go to Wilkos I most likely pick one up. These liners can be bought to go under a lipstick or used by themselves. I really like to use them by themselves as they literally don't move or smudge. They have a range of beautiful colours which you can pick up for the amazing price of £1.

Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Eye-shadow Pen 
This product was ordered by mistake. I thought it  was something else but because I paid so little for it I thought I would try it out and I was pleasantly surprised. With this product all you need to do is put it all over the lid and blend. It has a great texture although towards the end of the night it does crease a little. However, it's so easy to use and makes your eyes really stand out. 

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette 
I really love this palette. The colours are so pretty and can be used for day time and night. The size and packaging of this product is so perfect for travelling and to slide into your makeup bag. I would really recommend this product to anyone starting out in makeup, it has such beautiful and natural shimmers.

Thanks for Reading. 


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