About Me

My Name is Sophie Tate. I am currently 20 years old and am studying Creative and Professional Writing at University.
I started blogging when I realised that I could show my work online rather than just in university coursework. 
I began by sharing some short stories and creative work but after reading other people's blog posts I decided that I wanted to write about more. I love blogging as I have the freedom to write about whatever I want whenever I want which is the reason behind a lot of 'random' blog posts.
I hope to grow my blog and improve my skills in not only writing but in the skill of blogging and the things that come along with it, for example: photography. 

There are a range of things I like to write about:
  • I have a huge interest in reading and like to share my opinions on literature. Book reviews are one of my favorite posts to write about. 
  • Food- I am a massive foodie and any opportunity I get to write about food I will. 
  • Life- Sometimes I just like to share my life with you, share my fails, successes and life advice.
  • As a student I enjoy writing about my university experience that could offer help to anyone who is starting university or is struggling as a student. 
  • Makeup and Fashion, I do love to write about this topic. However, I would say I am not an expert, therefore I will not offer advice, just express my thoughts and ideas. 
  • Anything that sparks my interest in that moment of time. 
I hope that you enjoy my posts and please feel free to offer any feedback and comments to my work and I will appreciate any suggestions for blog posts. 


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