Trends and Habits and things I will be leaving behind in 2017- RESULT

I have been very in active on my blog recently, it's been a mixture between being really busy and not being in the right mood to blog. I love writing but when I don't feel like it or am blocked from it, I will not force it; it's one of the things I love and is a real passion of mine and that last thing I want to do is start to hate it.

I have a few different things that I try to do when I'm not feeling writing to get myself back into the mood of it, and this time nothing really worked (I think my brain just needed a break!). I wrote a post on writers block if you're interested (cue self promo)

Anyway, so to get myself back into it, I decided to read through some older posts to give me some inspiration and I came across a post that I wrote at the beginning of this year that I could respond to and it would be a nice ease back into blogging for me. So here we go...

Trends and Habits and things I will be leaving behind in 2018
Did I actually give any of this stuff up?

Since writing this post, I actually haven't worn a choker. Like I said in the blog post , I feel like hoops are the new choker and I have really sworn by that this year. Every time I put one on, I find myself taking it off again, they just don't look or feel right to me any

more. I do think they are still 'trendy' but I just feel like it's not for me anymore.

Online Shopping
This one is a little embarrassing to talk about. At the beginning of this year I said to myself I would take a month off online shopping because it was quite frankly getting ridiculous.
I remember, I lasted 9 days, NINE DAYS! How ridiculous?
Then I decided to give it up for lent, I am not sure how long I lasted but I know I didn't make it through lent. And then, I spiraled. I racked up around £900 on my student overdraft and I honestly couldn't tell you where it went. This month, I spent £40 on dungarees. BLOODY DUNGAREES. So yes, still a huge problem of mine but I can admit I have problem which is something, I am really trying to work on it, and now I have gotten my bank account in control, I will be monitoring my spending a lot more now (I have even deleted all the shopping apps from my phone (*CRY*). 

Short Hair
For sure, Like I said, I am done with chopping my hair off. I make the mistake every time but this year I have stayed strong to myself and have avoided the 'short hair itch', my hair has grown and I am loving the length, I feel as though it will be a long time before I cut all of my locks off again.

Phone Time
I can't comment on this, I really couldn't tell you if I have backed off my phone or not and now that I think about it, I really don't think it was a problem, I am really not one of those people who have their eyes glued to their phone.

When I read highlighter in that blog post, I thought WHAT? Then I remembered, right before I wrote that post, my brother told me that my highlighter made me look like an American football player with those stripes across their face. I think about this now and I think SCREW YOU! YOU'RE A BOY, WHAT DO YOU KNOW?
So, no. Highlighter has not changed but my attitude certainly has.

So, looking back on this, I didn't make a big difference...
But HEY, there's always next year...

Thanks for reading!



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