Being A Girl... Fail

I know that there is not one definition of being a girl, this is just a bit of fun.
I've always grown up being the 'funny' on you could say, the best friend of the pretty one.
However, I thought I would share some of my 'girl' failures with you.

Eyebrows, I once thought it was a good idea to brush an eyebrow trimmer through my brow and took out a line of hair, I had a horizontal slit through my eyebrow. It was not my best look. Luckily at this point my eyebrows were blonde so you didn't notice it very much but I would still consider this as a massive fail!

Fancy Dress, I have always been a firm believer in the 'funny' fancy dress. I once went to a celebrity themed party where there were girls dressed as Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie. At this point Shrek was big and I was obsessed, so I went in a donkey costume which I had saved up for from Woolworths, I had his head on top of mine, in a grey onesie sort of thing with a tale, and the costume had sound effects. It was fantastic and I loved it, I gave all the girls something to talk about behind my back.

P.S I also dressed up as a pumpkin for Halloween.

Makeup, the whole contour thing I just don't get. I find it so difficult. I just end up having an orange smudge down the side of my face. It's just not the look I was going for. I just don't think I do it the way you're supposed to but then at the end of the day I guess you just do with whatever looks good. I just wish that someone would just sit me down and explain it to me but I feel like it's too far gone for that.

Hair, I am such a fail when it comes to doing hair, I can do up and I can do down, half up and half down is a no no. No matter how careful I am with splitting the halves or brushing my hair out (which is always a bad idea when you have curly hair).
P.S I constantly have to cut hair bobbles out of my hairs because it gets stuck.

Heels. I am an extremely clumsy person anyway but put me in heels and you would see the full extent of how bad it is. I honestly don't know how people go out on a night out and are able to dance all night and their feet are fine?? Is there a secret trick that I am missing? IT HURTS! Do you gain immunity or are you just as hard as nails?

Perhaps everyone feels like they're stumbling through it all, maybe from the outside it looks like I have it under control.
Truth is, I really DON'T!!


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