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I work in a residential establishment where people live or stay there for long periods of time. There I complete chores around the building and work the dinner service but occasionally work the breakfast and lunch service. Through my experience in working in this sector I have experienced some annoying things that I thought that I would share and see if this is relatable in anyway to any of you...   
Rude customers
I cannot stand it when a customer is rude to me for no reason. When someone thinks that they are better than me because I am serving them. It's ridiculous, I mean at the end of the day I am doing my job and I don't get paid to be dealing with some people's attitudes. Some people think that we're not human, that we live there and are only on this earth to serve them, ER NO HUN! If it's unacceptable to speak to me like that in public on the street then I am pretty sure that it's not right anywhere!

Stupid Customers
It really gets on my nerves when there are customers that just don't understand somethin
g. When someone asks for something that we don't have and they can't get it through their brain that WE DON'T HAVE IT! "Could you just do it for me?" "It won't take a second" "I know it's not on the menu but..."

Late Customers
One thing that really gets on my nerves is people who come in late. Sometimes I can understand if someone is late in for dinner (I mean they could've finished work late) but those people are always 1) very kind 2) very apologetic 3) very Quick at eating.
There are some that stroll in slowly when it's only five minutes until closing, then they take ages to pick something off the menu (MAY I ADD THERE ARE ONLY A 3 MAINS ON THE MENU EACH EVENING) Then they order a starter and chat with their friends and laugh and take FOREVER to eat. Then when they finally get their main they still take forever and sit in the dining room chatting casually when you're just itching to go home and you could if they weren't sitting there you would be at home. You know they know but they don't care.

People who don't understand THEY CAN'T SIT THERE
"I'm sorry but this table is closed" I have to say after they ignore the table closed sign.
"But there is no room anywhere else." They say.
"There is space" you explain "there is an open table there"
"But this space is much nicer" they explain to me.
"It's closed though."
*Top tip, refuse to serve them until they move, always works.

I don't want to offend anyone, obviously this doesn't apply to all but there are some and I have come across quite a few.
Chefs who are complete male genitals.
They will blame you for a customer complaining about their food.
Once I got shouted by one for smashing a dirty plate; it had nothing to do with him and it didn't affect him in any way but somehow he thought it was his business to shout at me.
I understand that they are stressed but so are we! We don't go around treating them like crap.
The name calling and if they're male, the sexist comments.
And the majority of the time they think they are the dogs bollocks, so yes, if some were a bit more pleasant then perhaps it would make the job more enjoyable.

Safety Shoes
I can't stand these things, if you don't have to wear them then you are lucky. They are first and for most the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. They are so heavy and you are literally stomping around which makes you sound like a herd of elephants. If I am being honest though,  I don't care what I look like at work, I am there to make money, if I am getting paid they could dress me up in a chicken suit for all I care. The thing that gets me the most is what they do to your feet. Wearing them in is a nightmare, they are the most painful shoes you will wear (forget heels) and they destroy your feet. The first pair I 'wore in' was just after two years ago and my toe nails have only just grown back and the bruises underneath the nail have only just disappeared.  I currently have a massive bruises on the top of my foot from just walking in them. So yea, they are pretty awful. Enough said.

I hate it when couples can't keep their hands off each other at the dinner table. It is not only off putting for the other customers in the dining room but it makes it so difficult for the person serving to get their food to them, take there dirty plates away and sometimes even taking their orders. They just ignore you because the whole world evolves around them and you have all the time in the world to wait for them to finish their deep conversation and take their order; even though you have other customers to attend to.

I hope that you enjoyed this and found some of it entertaining. 
Thank you for reading. 
However, if you are one of these people I have written about then please, re THINK your life. 
Rant over!


  1. I get you!! This is so relatable

    1. Thank you, so glad you agree and it's not just me being grumpy.


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